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Trinidad and Tobago Police Service - Protrecting & Preserving Itself With Pride

Finally, somebody other than this Blog Admin has summoned the guts to accurately and publicly label the Trinidad and Tobago Police.

PCA Chairman David West yesterday called the TTPS "the biggest gang in the country" and it was tweeted all over the world.

Well, as far back as December of 2010 and many times since then, we, in several posts on this blog have labelled the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service "THE LARGEST ORGANIZED CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE IN THE COUNTRY".

We also did so on the Facebook pages of the Service and its Social and Welfare Association then headed by Sgt. Anand Ramesar.

Of course, they quickly removed our posts from their pages but not before several of their members vented their displeasure with obscenities, insults and threats. Many expressed their anger on this blog as well, challenging the Blog's Admin to "man up and identify himself".

We reproduce hereunder the first of many posts in which we called the TTPS the "largest organized criminal enterprise in the country"

New Commissioner  "Spinning Top In Mud"

That's an accurate description of what's currently taking place in the Police Service in its fight against crime. And by now, new Police Commissioner Dwayne Gibbs must be seriously questioning his sanity and what led him to believe that he as a foreigner could succeed in bringing the local crime situation under control.

One cannot help but wonder whether in accepting his appointment, Mr. Gibbs was fully cognizant of the main factors behind the general state of lawlessness in Trinidad and Tobago, and the fact that the Police Service which he agreed to lead represents the worst of those factors responsible for today’s murderous criminal rampage.

Also, the question arises as to whether our new Prime Minister and her Minister of National Security were themselves aware of the full extent of the cancerous rot that had entrenched itself at all levels in the Police Service and the paralyzing inefficiency and indolence that found sanctuary there under the PNM.

The facts are brutal; they tell their own story; none of the former Commissioners, most recent of which are Hilton Guy, Everald Snaggs, Trevor Paul and James Philbert - and we will include the current Acting Commissioner Stephen Williams and the entire current executive of the Service as well - none of them could have survived their respective tenures in the Service with their integrity and professionalism intact unless they were all either blind or deaf, if not both, and probably damned fools and cowards as well, otherwise, each man in his own time, would have rocked the Service off its crooked foundation with public revelations of operational irregularities and criminality within its ranks that could not have escaped his attention or observation over the thirty odd years that he would have functioned in that environment, many of them at senior levels.

And today, Commissioner Gibbs, poor man, finds himself surrounded by and depending on the same Police Service Executive that has proven itself to be impotent and ineffectual in the fight against crime. These are the same men and women who failed to deal with criminality and corruption within the service in any meaningful manner and with crime generally in the wider society. Of course there may be some exceptions to that general statement; officers who may be  hardworking and honest,  a diminishing and endangered minority, who might have tried but certainly did not succeed in reversing the decades old rot that has entrenched itself in the Police Service.

History and God will judge them.

But what makes Commissioner Gibbs think that the current batch of  senior DIKs (Dunces in Khaki) would be of assistance to him now? What skill or competence,  sense of integrity, morality and fair play would they have suddenly developed in 2010 that they could not and did not muster over the past 30 or more years? Having been part and parcel of the overall problems within the Police Service, whether wittingly or unwittingly, having failed to deal with those problems in any meaningful manner at anytime through their rising careers, none of them could now be part of the solution, and that includes Assistant Commissioner Stephen Williams and and all the other local high ranking officers as well.

For Gibbs to succeed in his task, he cannot be forced to depend on the current police executive of compromised officers.

Notwithstanding the powers conferred on him, Gibbs, could not come into this country and just rid the police service of its entire executive. That job should have been done by the powers that be prior to his appointment and he should have been allowed the freedom to hand pick a new executive to ensure that his efforts to cleanse the service and deal with crime generally are not undermined by vested police service interests..

And in saying so we remember the Assistant Commissioner of Police who in 1993 pulled a gun and threatened to shoot the Scotland Yard Officer appointed by the Manning Administration to probe the service. No charges were ever laid against the gun pulling Assistant Commissioner and the Scotland Yard officer hightailed it back to the safety of jolly old London.

But instead, Gibbs was appointed, placed in an institutional straitjacket and told "go and deal with crime" and the people on whom he has to depend to get out of that straightjacket are the same ones who allowed crime to flourish in the service and the country generally.

Those of us who are old enough will remember that the professionalism and integrity of the TTPS became compromised at the highest levels since the days of deceased Commissioner Randolph Burroughs and his notorious Flying Squad, and since then, the situation has become infinitely worse. We have painfully and shamefully witnessed the deterioration of the Police Service in every aspect under the command of various local Commissioners and Executives. With various rogue cliques scattered throughout its ranks, and each acting as its brother’s keeper, the Service has successfully - and all on its own - created an ugly image of itself as the largest organized criminal enterprise in the country, in effect, an integral and inextricable component of the very criminal network that it is sworn to protect us from.

Its defenders will insist that the Police Service comprises mainly ‘dedicated and hardworking officers’, and that its “just a few ‘bad eggs’ giving the Service a bad name”. But in the eyes of many, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service as a unit has failed in the discharge of its core constitutional function which is to serve the public in an impartial, humane, humble and professional manner by protecting the weak from the strong, the good from the bad and maintaining law and order within the many communities it serves.

That mandate, however, cannot be predicated on or accomplished by Police Officers themselves breaking the law or operating beyond the scope of their lawful authority.

It is our view that the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is rotten to the core; that contrary to its defenders’ view, it is a few good officers trying, in vain, to salvage and restore some semblance of respect and honour to the Service’s battered image. Our opinion is based on and supported by disclosures over the years by conscientious police officers of Police involvement in activities that run the gamut of organized crime, from providing protection to drug dealers, gun runners and merchants of flesh to direct involvement by police officers in those criminal activities, with extortion, kidnapping and murder (even of their own) topping the list.

Adding further support to our view are the thousands of complaints registered yearly with the Police Complaints Authority by aggrieved and victimized citizens that identify incidents of hooliganism, unjustified and unlawful police brutality and abuse including acts of torture, the receiving of bribes by Police Officers to plant and fabricate evidence to support false charges against innocent persons, and countless other acts of misbehavior too numerous to detail.

The result of all this is that public confidence in and goodwill towards the Service are now virtually non-existent. The Service, or at least what’s left of it, has become a national embarrassment and fiscal liability to law abiding, tax-paying citizens as our courts continue to award sizable sums in damages to citizens aggrieved by wrongful police actions.

What the Government needs to do now and has needed to do for some time to neutralize the Service’s many rogue elements and police misbehavior generally is make the individual Police Officer more accountable for his actions by passing legislation that would allow him to be sued in his personal capacity whenever he commits any act beyond the scope of his lawful authority or outside of proper operating procedure.

Such legislation must allow any court awarded damages and judgments to be satisfied in the first instance from the officer’s accumulated benefits and pension entitlements and thereafter from his future earnings,personal property and even posthumously from his estate. By removing that statutory shield the State will no longer have to bear the brunt of court awarded damages against the errant police officer who brutalizes citizens at will, and the officer himself will understand that there are financial and other consequences to his actions that would impact not only on him but on his loved ones and dependents as well.

In so far as projecting a new image of the Service the State needs to stop scraping the bottom of the barrel in its recruitment of police officers. No longer must the Service continue to be the repository of brute force, ignorance, arrogance and incompetence that it has become. Now is the time to send home lazy, non performing, corrupt officers who have found sanctuary within the Service and replace them with a different caliber, new breed of officer in whom brawn will be replaced by brain, ignorance by education, and the high handed, misconceived arrogance that has been the hall mark of Police Service and which we have endured for the past 50 years will be replaced by efficiency, integrity, professionalism and humility in the service of the people.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Those Fireworks Injuries - Thank You Karma, Thou Heartless Bitch.

Exactly one year ago on November 20th, 2015 we published the following post
Those Fireworks Injuries - Thank You Karma, Thou Heartless Bitch which we reproduce today because this Keith Rolwey led PNM Government has done  nothing to address the wicked disruption of our lives through the discharge of scratch and cherry bombs and of course, the dreaded fireworks.

The Government  continues to pussyfoot in taking harsh action to deal with this seasonal menace as is its practice in dealing with virtually every important national issue.

The  Newsday report reproduced below tells of the serious injury suffered by a grandmother while trying to protect her six month old granddaughter from a scratch bomb thrown into a moving vehicle in which they were both passengers. The incident epitomizes the criminal recklessness and evil intent of those who detonate these devices with regard for neither life nor limb and worst of all with absolutely no fear of the Law.

Newsday Article: Ban scratch bombs

Sunday, November 20 2016

They have become a feature of almost every celebration in Trinidad and Tobago: those quite noisy scratch bombs and, of course, the complementary fireworks. But there are times when their potential to maim manifest themselves as in the case of Sally-Ann Cuffie, the Talparo grandmother who suffered injuries when a cretin of a prankster tossed one of those devices into a car in which she was a passenger. It could have been worse. The woman sustained her injuries when she sought to throw the scratch bomb back out of the vehicle to prevent it from exploding in the face of her six-month old granddaughter. That is why we keenly welcome Minister of Public Administration, Maxie Cuffie, adding his voice to the public outcry against the scratch-bomb menace by his promise to launch a public education campaign on their hazards.

At the same time, by now people should be well edified on the dangers of scratch bomb. Therefore, even as we welcome the Cuffie initiative, the Government must go further.

Consider the device blew of the grandmother’s fingertips, broke her finger bones and seared her flesh. Surgery saw her undergo skin grafts, implantation of steel rods in her hand and surgical removal of splinters of bone. Diabetes has impeded her recovery, even as she longs for some good Samaritan to intervene to help her seek plastic surgery abroad.

Even amid all her pain, Ms Cuffie still has a household to run and bills to pay.

As she is now unable to work and faces uncertain job prospects, she is now in need of social assistance which Minister Cuffie has pledged to assist her access.

The Government must take Ms Cuffie under its wing as a special case deserving of priority attention, as an expression of our collective abhorrence at her undeserved agony that was the result of this society’s cumulative failings to stop the scratch-bomb menace More broadly we await details of Minister Cuffie’s public education campaign on scratch bombs, which have the sole purpose of creating a sudden, loud, sonic shock. Explosive noises can create severe anxiety and increased blood pressure and heart-rate in nearby residents, possibly even heart-attacks.

We also lament reports of animals being badly maimed by scratch bombs thrown at them by evildoers.

Public education must be supplemented by law enforcement against scratch bombs, which are discharged in every community from Divali to Christmas to Old Year’s Night and in between, according to the whim of the neighbourhood brat. Sadly, anecdote suggests to us that it is extremely difficult for a resident suffering any sort of noise pollution including scratch bombs to get a positive response from the police, who simply seem unwilling or unable to deal with it.

Yet legally there are many devices they can use against miscreants, including common law tort offences of nuisance, plus breach of at least two statutes - the Explosives Act and the Summary Offences Act sections 9 and 101.

The Summary Offences Act penalises the illegal discharge of fireworks including scratch-bombs by a $1,000 fine.

The Explosives Act imposes a fine of $20,000 and 10 years’ jail for the illicit import of explosives, plus a $2,000 fine for illicit wholesale and a $1,000 fine for illicit retail.

These penalties must be raised, and enforcement must follow.

We ask what new initiatives will the police deploy to impede the import of scratch bombs by shipping container, suitcase or pirogue, and to charge unscrupulous retailers? The harm done by scratch bombs to mental well-being is real, as are the physical wounds as suffered by Ms Cuffie. No combination of neighbourhood lout and unscrupulous retailer must outweigh the tranquillity of an entire neighbourhood.

The public outcry is deafening for this cause whose time has come, and the population now demands real action by the authorities.

Notwithstanding this unfortunate incident involving Ms. Cuffie, we continue to have the faith we placed in KARMA as stated in our original post. We continue to hope for the serious injury if not death at their own hands of those responsible for our persecution. We wish it even upon their children, and we do so without fear, compassion or remorse.

Actually,We have no no other option given the State's callous indifference to our plight and the failure/refusal of the Police to protect us by simply doing the job we pay them to do.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

The Burqa and The Niqab In Trinidad and Tobago

Trini Muslim Woman Speaks:
"It hurts my feelings when you treat me bad because I am a Muslim, and that's what I would like people to know. What I want to know is, how is my niqab stopping me from performing my job, how is it hindering me from executing my duties? Some people say that it is a security risk, but they must remember that there are so many things that we can do. We have families, children, lives just like everyone else. We want to get ahead in life just like everyone else. The niqab does not oppress us, our society is oppressing us." Read Full Trinidad Express Article

I am reasonably sure that nobody in Trinidad and Tobago, except maybe the mentally disturbed, would treat any Muslim woman badly simply because she is Muslim or because she wears the Burqa or Niqab.  Most people would probably react to a Muslim woman so attired with understandable suspicion and fear, just as they would to any masked individual whom they cannot see or identify but who can see and identify them in this time of brutal, indiscriminate and random crime, a lot of it committed in the name of Allah by Islamic radicals. Muslim women need to understand that as also the Muslim men who insist that their women dress like that.

Let me preface the rest of this post by saying that I have absolutely nothing against Muslims. In fact, I am a sympathizer with the international Muslim cause that seeks to oppose, combat and reverse Israel's genocidal campaign against the Palestinian People. I am morally opposed to the Israeli agenda to establish Jewish hegemony in Palestine and Israeli dominance in the Middle East generally.

My moral support for the Muslim cause allows me to view the anti American forays of Islamic freedom fighters and their bloody consequences with detachment and little (if any) sympathy for American and Jewish casualties. It is massive American military aid, after all, and unconscionable American foreign policy that created and support the Jewish Goliath with its ravaging war machine that is responsible for the systematic decimation of the Palestinian People and the Palestinian holocaust that we are witnessing today at the hands of modern day Jewish Hitlers.

The genocidal Jewish maniacs who rule Israel with full American support are strangers to the language of brotherly love and peaceful coexistence. They understand and speak only the language of violence and destruction so it is on those extreme terms that Islamic freedom fighters, suicide bombers and other 'jihadists' must, of necessity, engage them.

Having digressed considerably to establish my support for and goodwill towards Muslims generally, I now get back to topic.

I am not versed in Islam, I know absolutely nothing about the Quran and its many injunctions so I am not about to approach the topic of "The Veil" from an Islamic or religious perspective but from a simple, realistic point of view regarding its use in Trinidad and Tobago, and nowhere else.

Here in Trinidad and Tobago our entire population is guaranteed the full protection of the Constitution and the Law, regardless of race, colour or religious belief. Our minority Muslim community enjoys the love, trust and goodwill of the rest of the national community, notwithstanding the violent and bloody breach of our democracy at the hands of a band of Muslim insurrectionists on July 27th, 1990 and other threats of destruction and anarchy continually posed by other Muslim extremists scattered across the country.

While we all have rights, Muslims no less than any other group, even the radicals whose treasonous intentions continue to cast an ominous shadow over our Nation's democracy, we all also have responsibilities, again Muslims no less than any other group.

We are of the view - given the historical fact of anti democratic Muslim threats and attacks against the State, albeit at the hands of a relatively small sub-grouping - that it is incumbent upon the Muslim Community in general, but particularly the peace loving ones, to demonstrate a greater degree of sensitivity to the fear that still fills the heart of many as a result of the actions of their less peace loving Muslim brothers and sisters.

Also, Muslims cannot be insensitive to the fact that we live in an increasingly fearful, distrustful and suspicious society. Putting aside the undemocratic actions of some Muslims, normal decent law abiding citizens, including many Muslims themselves, live in mortal everyday  fear of being attacked and robbed, kidnapped, raped, mutilated and killed by criminals. That is the reality we are dealing with in this country. We are not safe, not even in our homes, unless we choose to barricade ourselves like prisoners, and even so, many of us are slaughtered as soon as we step outside of our prison like existence.

None of us has the right, as individuals or as a community, to deliberately or even unintentionally create or contribute to fear and anxiety in the minds and hearts of others as we seek to exercise and enjoy "our" rights. But that is precisely what those masked Muslim women - and the Muslim men who insist on them dressing that way - are doing when they appear in public, their identities totally concealed.

In the prevailing atmosphere of rampant, deadly criminal activity a masked individual, whether he/she is Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, what have you, entering a taxi, bus, bank, hospital, health center, library, practically any place except his/her own home is cause for grave apprehension. No one knows for certain whether it is a legitimately dressed Muslim woman, or whether it is a male Muslim radical dressed as a Muslim Woman with arms/explosives concealed within the garb. Or, whether it is an ordinary non Muslim criminal, male or female who wishes to alter his/her real appearance to avoid recognition and identification. The apprehension is justified and understandable given the current crime situation, but the real cut-ass is the fact that we cannot identify anything about the masked individual because he/she is covered from head to toe with the exception of his/her eyes, but he/she can see everything about us and therefore can identify us at any time for murderous reprisal and retaliation.. So while I cannot see you or identify you, you can see and identify me.

Is that fair? Is it right?

But why is it that in Trinidad and Tobago - and again, ours is the only jurisdiction that we here are concerned with - it is mainly if not only a certain type of Muslim woman, the black Muslim woman who dresses that way? All certainly don't, and that brings us to the question of whether those who do and the men who insist that they do are really following Allah's commandment and Quranic injunction or merely following a personal whim, a personal like for personal reasons that have no legitimate Quranic basis and are nothing more than scholarly innovations and fabrications.

To shed some light on this we consulted a well known and respected Islamic Cleric and Scholar who did not hesitate to dismiss the practice of hiding the entire body except the eyes as "an attempt to correct God and improve on His merciful design". He described it as a "man made addition to the Quranic dress code for women that amounts to nothing but idol-worship and should be refused".

This scholarly gentleman provided us with some reading material on the Rules For Women's Dress Code In Islam that supports his position.

In our simplistic non Muslim layman's view, the fact that not all Muslim women dress that way, their bodies covered from head to toe, with the exception of their eyes, not even in the Middle East, in the Cradle of Islam, tells us that the practice is not based on a fundamental tenet of the religion or its religious book but stems more from tradition on which clever Islamic scholars (fundamentalists) have attempted to bestow Quranic sanction.

This is Trinidad and Tobago, secular state, where every creed and race find an equal place. But the right of equality could never mean the right to cause or create unnecessary fear and anxiety in the hearts and minds of others. We should not need the Constitution to tell us that, to tell us what our sense of brotherly love and humanity, and simple common sense should tell us, if not come naturally to us.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Trinidad and Tobago Govt Building Profile On Those Going To Syria

Source: Trinidad Guardian

Published: Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Intelligence agencies are building profiles—based on geographical areas—of people who may be going to Syria to join the Islamic State (ISIS) terror network and who might be behind it locally, says National Security Minister Edmund Dillon

Dillon fielded questions on the issue at a media briefing at his Portof- Spain ministry yesterday, where he also spoke about the crime situation. The briefing followed a meeting of law enforcement top brass and US officials who were seen leaving the ministry.

Dillon said Government was concerned about the overall national security environment which he said was “very dynamic and evolving.”

Among the landscape, he noted the issue of the “recent emergence of T&T nationals interested in participating in conflict overseas,” a reference to recent reports of nine suspected nationals held in Turkey en route to Syria to join ISIS.

He was also asked about an article in ISIS’ Dabiq July publication featuring a T&T terrorist fighter Abu Sa’d al-Trinidadi. The latter, as well as FTFs from other countries, called on sympathisers to launch home turf attacks on Christians.

Dillon said there had not yet been confirmation on the nine detained in Turkey but noted he had asked the Foreign Affairs Minister to follow up the matter through diplomatic channels in Turkey to ascertain if those detained were nationals. Other sources said they were still in Turkey.

He said Government was also probing the Dabiq article, adding efforts will be made to clear up all of the issues and confirm the accuracy and authenticity (of the article).

He said Government was looking into the instances of nationals who have gone to ISIS, as well as those who intended to go, and resources were being put into intelligence- gathering capacity to deal with this speedily.

While saying profiles were being built on those who may have gone to join ISIS, he declined to answer whether a local network was behind the situation.

He conceded the various developments could damage T&T’s reputation, especially if the nine held in Turkey and those in the article were indeed T&T nationals. However, he said the necessary action would be taken to show T&T did not stand for its nationals doing what was described in the Dabiq article, for instance.

But Dillon admitted it was not easy to say if people were going to Syria to access ISIS, since there were no direct flights there and they may be taking certain routes and heading for different locations.

He noted statements by the Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi yesterday on how Government proposed to deal with returning foreign fighters (FTFs)

Protest outside embassy

Islamic Front leader Umar Abdullah yesterday staged a brief demonstration in front of the Venezuelan Embassy with several relatives of the five T&T nationals detained in Venezuela since March 2014.

A female member of the group protested the reports of nine suspected T&T nationals held in Turkey en route to ISIS. They questioned proof of that and dismissed Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi’s statements “due process” would be used in matters on returning foreign terrorist fighters.

Abdullah said they were still awaiting word from Government on the detained men who were held in 2014 on terrorism charges which were recently changed to intent to commit espionage.

No doubt, those US officials seen leaving the meeting at the National Security Ministry on Tuesday could not have been satisfied with the Trinidad and Tobago government's pussyfooting around the deadly seriousness of the DAESH threat and its failure to recognize the radical Islamic movement as the greatest modern day threat to world peace.
They could not have been pleased either with the piss poor performance of our bumbling national security intelligence gathering apparatus that failed to recognize the red flags that have billowed for some time over those Muslim communities in Central and South Trinidad that have been canvassing and screening local Muslim butchers for the DAESH slaughterhouse.

Given global recognition of the DAESH threat, and US/Coalition resolve to defeat, crush and eradicate that Islamic scourge, we could imagine the discomfort at that meeting of Ministers Dillon and Al-Rawi over the Rowley Administration's ineffectual response to the established presence of the terrorist Islamic group in Trinidad and its recruitment, indoctrination and radicalization of our citizens.

Dillon and Al-Rawi had to have felt great embarrassment over their respective utterances on the DAESH threat with the one (Dillon) having declared that DAESH is not a threat to Trinidad or Tobago and that our nationals who have gone to Syria to join DAESH (to kill on behalf of the Islamic slaughterhouse) "are still citizens of trinidad and Tobago" (after all) and must be treated as such, while the other, (Al-Rawi) stated that there is very little that the Government of Trinidad and Tobago can do to stop locals from travelling to Syria (to kill innocent people, because that is what they do when theY join DAESH) and even less to prevent them from returning to this country, (after their murderous, radical Islamic forays in foreign jurisdictions) the parenthesized being the essence of their words.

One must wonder whether our Minister of National Security and our Attorney General would have repeated that nonsense and pursued those embarrassing and untenable positions in that meeting. What we are sure of is that those US officials would have told them in no uncertain terms that the Government of Trinidad and Tobago must stop the mollycoddling of radical Muslims and take an uncompromising, hard-line approach to Islamic fundamentalism, notwithstanding Al-Rawi's self professed direct lineage to the Prophet Mohammed.

We are also sure that the US officials would have expressed their lack of confidence in the ability of our intelligence gathering and surveillance agencies to efficiently monitor the clandestine activities of returning DAESH butchers on a sustained basis, given their poor track record which the Government is well aware of.

Case in point: Shane Crawford.

Crawford admits to committing a murder that was recorded on State surveillance cameras. The police arrested him and three others then released them pending further inquiries into the murder. In the meantime Crawford was charged with other offenses involving illegal arms and ammunition, yet all three were able to leave the country one by one through legal ports of departure even though they were all under law enforcement suspicion and scrutiny for very serious crimes. Crawford is today killing innocent people in the Middle East by his own admission and urging his friends in Trinidad and Tobago to do the same here.

Obviously, these agencies cannot be depended on to protect the people of this country from the evils of DAESH; they cannot even be depended on to detect blatant and brazen criminal acts committed in broad daylight under the watchful eyes of video cameras.

The solution therefore lies in barring the return of these Muslim butchers to this country, obviating the need to monitor them and their families for the rest of their lives. The State has the constitutional power to cancel or revoke the passport of any of its citizens. Having a passport is not a right or an entitlement; It is a privilege that can be withdrawn at any time without notice if the national security of the State is under proven threat. Revoking a passport does not render the holder stateless or without nationality It simply means that he/she cannot undertake international travel from wherever they may be.

That is the option the Government should be pursuing as an immediate measure while legislation is brought to the Parliament to strip these murdering DAESH butchers of their Trinidad and Tobago nationality

Tuesday, 2 August 2016


Man held for smuggling 'Daesh recruits' in Southern Turkey

Suspected Syrian smuggler has been remanded in custody, while 9 Trinidad and Tobago suspects are expected to be deported

10 people, including the driver and nine Trinidad and Tobago citizens were then detained based on suspicion.

ADANA, Turkey

Turkish authorities nabbed a Syrian man suspected of trying to smuggle nine Trinidad and Tobago citizens from southern Turkey to the Daesh terrorist organization in Syria Monday, a police source said.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to restriction on speaking to media, said police had stopped a car with a license plate from southern Mersin province when it entered south-central Adana province; 10 people, including the driver and nine Trinidad and Tobago citizens were then detained based on suspicion.

After an initial probe, police found the Syrian man, Asem H., was trying to take the foreigners to the war-torn country, where they would have been recruited by Daesh.

The Syrian suspect was remanded in custody after an appearance at a local court, while the nine other foreigners were transferred to Adana Provincial Migration Management for deportation procedures, the source said.

(Reporting by Gokce Cansunar; Writing by Ahmet Sait Akcay)

Monday, 30 November 2015

Capil Bissoon's "Trinidad and Tobago Police Service A Biased Dinosaur"

Commentary: Trinidad and Tobago Police Service a biased dinosaur
Published on November 17, 2015
By Capil Bissoon

Last week, senior officers of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) confessed words to the effect that many serious ongoing investigations may never be completed. Among those investigations are emailgate and a plant-like substance found at the former prime minister's residence.

What a joke!

Every Tom, Dick and Harrylal is questioning whether it was the truth when the former leader of the opposition came to the Parliament more than two years ago with emails purporting to show that then prime minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar conspired, among other things, to kill a journalist.

Now in any normal country, the Cyber Crime Unit would examine the former PM's emails and conclude within a matter of days, if not minutes, whether the basis for the allegations were true

Did the alleged emails correspond to the contents of the forer PM's emails?

If "yes" then the former PM was guilty of conspiracy to murder – plain and simple. If "no" then the former leader of the opposition was guilty of lying.

That would have been a game changer in the last elections.

Why could the TTPS not say that Dr Rowley lied and further investigations based on his allegations were ongoing? Is it not entirely possible that whoever concocted the emails (a considerably creative individual) also concocted corroborative evidence that the DPP's office was bugged?

By not giving a simple, straight, honest answer to whether or not the emails were false, the TTPS was guilty of being a major component of the PNM's election campaign.

The same arises with the plant-like substance found interestingly by a "Special Branch Officer" in the compound of the former PM.

Are the top brass of the TTPS aware that the overwhelming majority of the 300,000-plus UNC supporters, and many other right thinking citizens, firmly believe that rogue elements in the TTPS planted the false evidence in the first place?

They remember a similar incident years ago when persons unknown attempted to frame Sadiq Baksh, then a UNC government minister, with cocaine.

Is the TTPS aware that many believe that it was rogue elements in the police service who planted the cocaine in Mr Baksh's water tanks?

It is clear that the TTPS is perceived as an active and efficient party group of the ruling PNM.

How else does one explain a police raid on the command office of the UNC in Chase Village on the eve of this year's September 7th general elections?

Police claimed that they were searching for arms and ammunition.

They found none.

It is alleged that the five hours spent at the Chase Village UNC Command Centre was really a covert exercise to extract sensitive data from the 50 computers to pass to the PNM.

Would the TTPS ever in their wildest dreams regardless of the evidence (false or otherwise) raid Balisier House? No commissioner of police, acting or otherwise, would dare think about or authorize such a search. Have they ever done so since 1962? Is the PNM holier than the city of Jerusalem?

By their public acts of commission and omission, the TTPS appears to be biased towards the PNM.

Recently, a reputable international agency described our police service as "unreliable".

We in the UNC know that from painful experience and would add "biased" to that description.

Meanwhile, the TTPS is asking for an additional 500-plus officers in this year's budget. This is really an exercise to provide jobs for the PNM boys and girls.

Yet our TTPS cannot tell us whether or not the emails read out in Parliament by Dr Rowley were the figment of someone's fertile imagination.

To use police lingo, "Enquiries are still being conducted."

I stand corrected but I am advised that, on a per capita basis, we have five times more police than major cities in developed countries. Their murders are much less and crime detection rates considerably higher.

Less than four days ago, Paris suffered a major attack allegedly by the ISIS in which 132 persons were killed. Already two persons have been arrested in Belgium. I guarantee the perpetrators will be brought to justice within a reasonable time frame.

Ostrich-like, the TTPS ignores the ISIS peril even as we have 30 or more citizens fighting in Syria. We will wake up one morning and find POS on fire and then, like headless chickens following the Abu Bakr coup, the TTPS will mount an inadequate and belated response.

Whilst all this happening, ambitious souls in the UNC are caught up in an unsightly and nasty power struggle while thousands of party members are being fired by the Rowley-led administration.
Many base supporters are asking "why"? Power trumps the interest of party members.

Cry my beloved party.

Capil Bissoon is a Trini-Canadian looking on at Trinidad and Tobago politics from a distance.

Originally published in the Trinidad Express
Republished with permission.

Mr. Bissoon's logic is somewhat baffling.

While we agree that the TTPS is hopelessly incompetent and rife with corruption, in addition to being (and I will use here some of our former blog admin's favourite TTPS labels such as) "a dysfunctional schizophrenic entity", "the largest organized criminal enterprise in the country" and the one I like most of all, "a confederacy of DIGs (Dunces in grey) led by DIKs (Dunces in Khaki)", I hasten to remind him that these are all traits that Mrs. Ali Baba and her gang of 40 thousand thieves welcomed, made full and unashamed use of and benefitted tremendously from throughout the last five years.
From the first day of her administration to the very last she has been shielded by the police and I do not refer to the protection to which she was entitled in her former capacity.. Even now that she has been shown the door by right thinking citizens and she no longer wields power she continues to be protected by the very incompetence that Bissoon sees as evidence of pro PNM bias on the part of the police.

With regards to "Emailgate", a most nonsensical use of two words coined by the Media, an incomplete investigation or one in which there is no definitive finding ensures that any culpability that Mrs. Baba might have incurred, or any involvement she might have had, wittingly or unwittingly, in the criminal conspiracies revealed in those alleged emails, remains unproven.

Mr. Bissoon says "in any other country the authenticity of the emails would have been confirmed or denied within days, if not minutes". That's true. But it discredits his own argument of pro PNM bias because had that happened the information that would have been obtained from Google might have been very different.

But what did those supposedly (according to Bissoon) pro PNM TTPS DIGs led by their senior DIKs do?

They allowed the good Lady and the attorney general the freedom and luxury of dictating the time, date, place and terms of the surrender of their communication devices. Who knows to what extent those devices could have been sanitized by IT specialists?

Then to confirm and compound the inefficiency with which they began their investigation, they not only took their own sweet time (12 months I think) to approach Google for confirmation of the existence of the email accounts and authentication of the email contents but they limited their request to a very narrow time frame and an equally narrow name search as though actually not wanting to "dig too wide or too deep".

That certainly does not suggest pro PNM/anti UNC bias but just the opposite as any police constable could have armed himself with a search warrant and using the element of surprise (as would normally be done in that type of investigation) he could have gone to Mrs. Baba's residence in the dead of night, searched and turned the place upside down (again, as is normally done) and seized her electronic devices for forensic examination.

The result of that type of timely police action supported by a similarly expeditious approach to Google would have had one of two consequences. Either Dr. Rowley would have faced the appropriate sanction or reprimand for misleading the Parliament, which he eventually did anyhow at the hands of Mrs. Baba and her gang when using their parliamentary majority they kicked him out the chamber a year later for making the allegations, or, Mrs. Baba would have faced public disgrace, criminal prosecution and today would probably still be a guest of the State at Golden Grove.

Clearly, police lethargy and non determination of the "Emailgate" conspiracy continue to be of far greater benefit to Mrs. Baba than to Dr. Rowley.

With regards to the alleged marijuana find at Mrs. Baba's residence. If as Bissoon suggests it was police who planted it there in the first place, who may we ask orchestrated and implemented the cover-up of the find?

Not de police as well?

And two years later, who attempted to cover up the initial cover-up by at first denying the entire incident then subsequently backtracking to admit that "a plant like substance" was discovered at the lady's residence?

Not de police again?

Even today, who still refuses to confirm that the "plant like substance" was marijuana?

Not de same police again?

Police have been busy charging people left right and center every day for the past 50 years for smoking a joint or having one or two in their possession and they have been doing so based on the police officers' ability to immediately recognize and positively identify the substance as marijuana. Now all of a sudden the find at Mrs. Baba's residence becomes a "plant like substance" which they could not identify then and which up to today still cannot be positively identified as marijuana.

So again, who doing dat? Not de same dysfunctional, schizophrenic police again? And who benefitting? Mrs. Baba or Dr. Rowley?

And what became of the lead police investigator in these matters. Where is he today? Is he not the same former deputy top cop who had his leave bought out by Mrs. Baba's government and then given a three year contract for a top paying job in the national security ministry? And he is still denying knowledge of the incident up to today. Is that pro PNM/anti UNC bias?

Again, non-closure of these investigations benefitted and continues to benefit Mrs. Baba and no one else. And if Bissoon thinks that it impacted negatively on the UNC in the general election, he obviously ent know how he own peeple, de party hard-core support base does tink. Like he never hear,


And vote for her, they did, all 300,000 plus of them. But what turned the tide against Mrs. Baba firstly was the image she painted of herself of being a grand master of deception and "the "Mama of all mamaguy" but worst of all, an unrepentant crook. Secondly, right thinking citizens who having accepted that self portrait believed that that crookedness and deception descended to unknown, unimagined and unfathomable depths and that Mrs. Baba was just another in a long line of crooked UNC politicians.

That is why the party lost the election, not because of any one hour of extra voting time that facilitated all citizens and both parties with no exception.

Finally, with regard to the police raid on the UNC's Chase Village command center, surely Mr. Bissoon is aware of the party's track record of voter padding and vote rigging in previous elections? If the PNM receives credible information that such activities are taking place at a particular UNC location, it is entitled to report such information to the police who are then obligated to investigate.

Mr Bissoon can not have forgotten the electoral skullduggery that took place at the UNC's infamous PASU office in Streatham Lodge, Tunupuna during the 1995 and 2000 general elections where devious voter padding scenes were orchestrated and implemented and a number of supposedly dead persons and others from UNC strongholds but with three and four different addresses in different marginal constituencies were dragged before the courts as a result?

The police raid on the Chase Village command office must be understood in the context of the party's history of electoral fraud and criminal misconduct.

The PNM, whatever its many and glaring faults does not have that kind of reputation and while the party is not "holier than Jerusalem City", as Mr. Bissoon rhetorically asks, and sainthood has never been conferred on its leadership, it does conduct itself and the nation's affairs with a degree of class, decorum and discretion that the UNC, whether for wont or want, simply does not display,

Does Mr. Bissoon still question why he was fired by the new government? Does he still feel victimized or wronged?

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Trinidad and Tobago National Security Minister To Hold DAESH/ISIS Talks With Islamic Front Clown Umar Abdullah

Listen to the Islamic Clown Umar Abdullah:

Saturday, November 28, 2015
"No government should prevent its citizens from returning to T&T. Citizens who commit crimes outside of T&T and served jail sentences are deported back to T&T, yet no one complains. What the Government has to do is properly screen, monitor and offer rehabilitative programmes to these families and fighters so they can be reintegrated back into society. We should not shut the doors on them. These people need counselling. They should not be locked out because we would create a bigger problem.”

The joker Umar Abdullah fails to understand even his own analogy in that citizens of Trinidad and Tobago who commit crimes outside of Trinidad and Tobago are deported back to Trinidad and Tobago only after they have been tried, convicted, sentenced and punished by some competent and lawful authority/judicial system in whichever sovereign jurisdiction they committed those crimes. And those who commit heinous and barbaric crimes (like the local Muslim butchers who went to murder and slaughter innocent strangers for Daesh)  would be punished severely and for decades before they are deported back to Trinidad and Tobago.
Would the returning Muslim butchers have been punished adequately or at all for their savage crimes against mankind? Why are they coming back and why should the rest of us welcome them back to the country they found living in so intolerable in the first place and which after their Islamic radicalization they may now wish to fashion according to their Islamic notions? Why should we accept cold blooded killers as our neighbors? Why should the State be saddled with the responsibility and expense of reforming and/or monitoring religious nuts and fanatics who kill for mercenary money but pretend they do so out of some sick twisted desire to satisfy the god they believe in?

No Sir, Mr. Umar "Clown" Abdullah.

Islamic fundamentalism has no place in this country, and pretty soon, unless mainstream peace loving Muslims find it within themselves to stop the fence sitting and speak out in open condemnation and denunciation of Islamic fundamentalism and the savage violence it propagates and perpetuates,  they may very well find that they too will have no place in this country.

But for now we do not want these Muslim butchers back here and we will agitate, incite and engender extreme intolerance towards them, their wives and children if the Government of Trinidad and Tobago does not muster the political backbone to protect the majority of our population by keeping that murderous Islamic minority out.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Trinidad and Tobago's Muslim Attorney General Reluctant To Bar Returning DAESH/ISIS Killers

Listening to Attorney General Faris al Rawi speak on the issue of how Trinidad and Tobago should treat with nationals who have joined Daesh and gone ahroad to participate in the groups barbaric atrocities, we get the impression that he is reluctant to bar their re-entry to the country and is in fact looking for every possible reason to justify Government inaction on that option.
This Muslim Attorney General has concerns about what will happen to these muslim butchers of mankind if we ban them from returning home.


I must question why this Muslim Attorney General is so concerned about the welfare of those criminal extremists? Why is he complicating what is a relatively simple matter to deal with? Why is he introducing concerns that are not only misguided and misplaced but clearly irrelevant?

And most of all, why is he bent on promoting and extending to these fanatics the rights and protection of the very constitution that they would so easily overthrow, if given the opportunity, as was done by another group of Muslim criminals in 1990?

A state has the constitutional right to cancel or revoke the passport of any of its citizens. It is normally stated in the passport that the passport remains the property of the issuing government and must be surrendered on request/demand.

One does not have to be a constitutional expert too now how to deal simply and effectively with the situation. The cancellation/revocation and international blacklisting of  the passports through diplomatic channels and law enforcement/intelligence agencies would result in the affected persons being stranded wherever they may be.

They would not be accepted for international travel on any airline; they would not be able to set foot on an international air carrier or sea vessel; they would not be able to get within 10,000 miles of Trinidad and Tobago, far less end up at one of our air or sea ports, so the issue of  " IF WE REFUSE THEM ENTRY, WHICH AIRLINE/BOAT WILL TAKE THEM AND TO WHICH COUNTRY?"  as agonized over by this Muslim Attorney General, does not arise.

The issue of statelessness does not arise either.

Cancelling or revoking a passport does not render the holder stateless or without nationality; it means that he/she/they just cannot travel internationally, that's all.

And if statelessness were to occur .... Big deal! Its not as if they would be languishing in some political netherland or floating aimlessly on some rubber dinghy in international waters or  drifting in some hot air balloon unable to land anywhere.

At the time of their passports being revoked they would already be in a host country somewhere, most likely Syria, Iraq or some other war-torn and devastated Middle Eastern state that they and their Daesh cohorts would have ravaged, plundered and desecrated. One of those countries would be ideally poised and best suited to continue holding them, if even as prisoners of war for crimes against humanity. Why should we now provide sanctuary for them from the  American, French, Russian and other forces that woukd be either looking for them or bombing the shit out of them?

We ask again, why is Trinidad and Tobago's Muslim Attorney General agonizing and pussyfooting over doing what the majority of Trinidad and Tobago is in favour of and what the country's national security requires.

We do not like the answer that begs recognition.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Dillon To Hold DAESH/ISIS Talks With Umar Abdullah

Why is the Trinidad and Tobago Government bothering to hold discussions with this man who is/was on an international terrorism watch list for his support of Al Qaeda and who by his own admission is responsible for many of the Trinidadians deciding to join the ISIS slaughterhouse?

Based on media reports and having myself heard both the Prime Minister and the National Security Minister speak on the ISIS threat, I get the impression that there is a reluctance on the part of the government to adopt a heavy handed approach in its treatment of, and response to, the return of Local ISIS combatants to these shores. Both gentlemen seem to be almost unwilling to take a definitive position on the matter, as if hoping to get their cue from our "international partners" (Dillon's most used term") on what should be a simple decision for a sovereign Trinidad and Tobago to make in respect of how it treats with threats posed to its national security by its very own citizens.

Source: Newsday

Dillon to hold ISIS talks with Abdullah
Monday, November 23 2015

UMAR ABDULLAH, the man who confessed this week that he was once on the verge of joining the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), will meet with National Security Minister Edmund Dillon tomorrow.

Dillon confirmed the meeting to Newsday yesterday saying that it was a scheduled meeting at the request of Abdullah, who leads the Waajihatul Islaamiyah (Islamic Front). Abdullah, 48, said yesterday that he has since secluded himself from the public glare over what he described as intimidating phone calls, and, he now fears for his life.

Abdullah was once sought by British Intelligence and the CIA for supporting Al-Qaeda and a movement for Jihad (Holy War) against the oppression of Muslims, mainly in the Middle East.

He told Newday yesterday that he is hoping to discuss with the Minister of National Security tomorrow, the issue of 75 nationals of this country who are believed to have left our shores, some with their families, to travel to ISIS-inhabited Syria and Iraq.

Asked what he would discuss with Abdullah at tomorrow’s meeting, Dillon told Newsday that the issue would obviously come up for discussion, regarding Trinidadians who have travelled to Syria and other war-torn Arab countries.

Abdullah told Newday in an interview on Saturday, that as far as he was aware, 75 Trinidadians have left this country to fight with Islamic groups.

He said he condemned the move, though he himself was once motivated to join ISIS to be a frontline fighter. “But good sense prevailed,” Abdullah, who lives in Bon Accord, Tobago, said, “and I realised that would have been the biggest mistake of my life.” At least six of those “brothers” have been killed, Abdullah said.

He added, “I’m glad that I put myself through a process of learning.

I have tried to convince these brothers who have gone there, that they were making a big mistake of their lives. Having said that, we must examine what lured them, and it is not economic benefit.

They live very basic lives here with their families and were ostracised.

Combined with the atrocities committed against Muslims in Bosnia, Palestine, Iraq and Syria, mainly because of their religion, one would hardly resist, if one has a conscience and believe in right and wrong.” Abdullah said he left Tobago days ago since his public condemnation of ISIS, and he has been staying at another location in order to safeguard himself and his family. Abdullah’s movements, accorpding to intelligence reports in the Police Service, are being monitored by a Special Branch officer. Asked what he intends to discuss with Minister Dillon tomorrow, Abdullah said that the planned meeting starts at 11.30 am, and he intends to update the Minister on the fate of Muslims who have travelled to the far-flung Arab countries, and to make a plea for their re-integration into mainstream society upon their return.

Abdullah said, “I dont think the issue as to whether they should be allowed to return home arises. They are citizens of Trinidad and Tobago and they are in possession of valid passports.

“However, the issue is how they should be treated — whether there should be programmes to counsel them.

“To help them financially.

I think the information these brothers would bring back, would help to strengthen our own security and, to deter others who might be minded to want to join organisations such as ISIS.” Asked by Newsday whether he was aware that Islamic cleric Ashmead Chote from Princes Town has also gone to Syria, Abdullah said that he had been so informed. “Yes, I’ve heard so, but there is not much I am willing to say about anyone, including Chote, regarding their affiliations with ISIS or any other such group.” Abdullah said that he would issue a public statement after his meeting with Dillon.

Why is the Trinidad and Tobago government pussyfooting on this urgent issue? The entire world has seen the barbarity of ISIS mercenaries and the destruction of which they are capable of. Every country in the world including those who are not likely ISIS targets want to keep their combatants out of their respective jurisdictions. But in Trinidad and Tobago the Government cannot make up its mind and is entertaining discussions about how they should treat with them.

One would have thought by now the government would have moved to revoke their passports and would be busy drafting legislation to revoke their citizenship as well, rendering them stateless, and permanently barring their re-entry.

PNM lethargy is something we have grown accustomed to. We hope that this new Rowley led administration breaks with this tradition.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

T&T Islamic Leader Wants Local DAESH/ISIS Killers To Be Welcomed Back Home

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC) — The head of the Islamic Front of Trinidad and Tobago Umar Abdullah says nationals who have joined the terrorist group, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), should be welcomed back into the country.

Abdullah, who appeared on a CCN TV6 television programme here on Wednesday night, said that he has had a close relationship with some of the Trinidadians who had journeyed to Syria to fight alongside the ISIS fighters.

Abdullah, who acknowledged that he was once a firebrand Muslim, told television viewers that the Government should create fertile soil for these men and their families to return from Syria and other battlegrounds.

"We have the minister of national security saying that there is no threat (from ISIS). We have the prime minister saying there is some level of threat. I would go with the minister of national security in this sense.

"I know these individuals and I know a lot of them who have went away and who have gone and joined with ISIS and so on. Some of them were part of my group. That was in the 'earlies' when I had expressed radical views," Abdullah said.

Abdullah told television viewers that he does not believe that any of the returning Trinidadian fighters "would pose any threat.

"As a matter of fact they would be more of an asset to this country than anything . Because one thing they will be doing is talking about their experience out there wherever they have gone and it will be a deterrent for those who are thinking of going," he said.

Now Let's see if we understand this "caca-hole" named Umar Abdullah, correctly.

He is advocating that local Muslims who were brainwashed by ISIS recruiters into going to the Middle East to murder total strangers should be allowed back into Trinidad because they would be assets to the country by talking about their experiences which he says would deter others who may be thinking about joining ISIS.

If we were to question the nature of their collective experience we would have to conclude, based on the videos posted online by ISIS, that it was an exciting, exhilarating and fulfilling spiritual rebirth for them. In the videos I saw, there was not even a hint of remorse or regret, not even a veiled suggestion that they were anything but happy with their activities in the ISIS slaughterhouse. They appeared proud of their murderous crimes against disbelievers; they boasted about how fulfilled they were that they were able to practice their "din" in ISIS without the "restriction" they say they had in Trinidad. So motivated were they that they encouraged their Muslim brothers in Trinidad to become jihadists and join the ISIS bandwagon.

Not a word was mentioned about them being paid mercenaries, money grabbing soldiers of fortune killing people for money, not for love of God.

When James Foley was beheaded we could hear a distinctly Trinidadian voice laughing in the video posted by ISIS. "HEH HEH HEH, WE GO SAY DAT HE LORSE HIS HEAD, HEH HEH HEH"

Is that the experience the "caca-hole-hole" Umar Abdullah" expects those radicalized morons to share with Trinidad and Tobago youth if they are allowed back into the country. We already have a disproportionate number of dunces, assholes and pieces of shit shooting up the place and killing people indiscriminately. What good can come out sharing the gory details of ISIS beheadings, immolations and other maniacal acts of barbarity and depravity with such already misguided youth?

We have no reason to believe that those who were brainwashed into accepting that the practice of Islam in Trinidad and Tobago, one of the most democratic, religiously tolerant and all embracing societies in the world, is "restricted", could not have been further brainwashed into believing that their terrorist/jihadist training and experience should now be put to use in their T&T homeland which they have already branded as being intolerant of Islam.

Abdullah's advocacy should be viewed with grave distrust and suspicion. Who knows? His "advice" may well be part of an ISIS agenda and he himself could be an ISIS supporter and sympathizer.

The government must not allow them back into the country. They should be stripped of their citizenship, rendered stateless, and forced to remain in their ISIS haven.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Those Fireworks Injuries - Thank You Karma, Thou Heartless Bitch.

The fireworks season is upon us once again, and while the vast majority of us look forward to enjoying the Yuletide season in a peaceful manner, giving generously according to our individual circumstances, spreading joy and practicing brotherly love as far as possible, there are demons among us, young, old, not so young and not so old, whose sole intent it would seem is to launch a vicious, mindless assault upon us by violating our right to the peaceful enjoyment of our homes while traumatizing our pets to the point that they injure themselves in their desperate bid to escape the fireworks onslaught.
Complaints to the police of our distress have yielded indifferent, unsympathetic if not downright callous responses that range from "stuff cotton wool in yuh ears" from the lazy Dunces at  the St. James police station to "is de season to be jolly; let de people enjoy dem selves. Drink some rum and go to sleep" from  another set of morons at the Woodbrook  police station.

Appeals to the perpetrators of this torture to exercise discretion have been met with verbal abuse, defiance and outright spite from young and old alike. They retaliate to complaints by throwing the explosives at passing cars, in private yards, in one instance through an open bedroom window where it landed on a pensioner's bed

Well, this year it seems that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Karma the universal equalizer of rights and wrongs seems to have recognized our suffering. People are now getting injured from detonating these explosive gadgets of distress: young, old, children including toddlers, are being injured but we are unmoved. We have suffered too much for too long to be sympathetic towards the architects of our agony and/or their children.

Our pets are our children. If you traumatize my child why should I care if you injure yours, or if they injure themselves in the process. Maybe the nonsense will stop now.

Thank you, Karma, for being the heartless bitch you are. We find comfort in the knowledge that the tables are beginning to turn against our tormenters, old and young alike.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

TnT Monitor's Response To Capil Bissoon 's "PNM Witch Hunting"

Reproduced from Caribbean News Now!
Commentary: The witch hunt continues

By Capil Bissoon

The witch hunt continues.

Mark my words, within twelve months people will be marching up and down the streets in Trinidad and Tobago as a critical mass develops of those fired because of this characteristic People’s National Movement (PNM) witch hunt.

Prime Minister Keith Rowley gave reassuring, but deceptive words of reassurance two months ago that he would be a prime minister of all. No one had to fear losing his/her job on the basis of the fact that they were not PNM, he said.

That raised false hopes that at last we had matured. Every creed, political persuasion and race would find an equal place.

But Dr Rowley’s pronouncement was uncharacteristic of the PNM, which had always seen Trinidad and Tobago as PNM country and everybody else, including those who came on the Calcutta Ship (and I am using this as a political construct), must “get to hell out of here”.

The People’s Partnership government took months appointing ambassadors and state boards, leaving PNM appointees in place. After its September 7 victory, the PNM immediately began firing left, right and centre, bringing back prominent “has beens” to show that they are in charge and it’s PNM business as usual.

So from day one, we had former independent senator Helen Drayton wielding her Jimmy Bain style big stick at CNMG and GISL. And Malcolm Jones and Ken Julien are back.

When they sent home 80 or so Tobagonians, the PNM explained it was only because their contracts had expired.

Well, tell that to Junior Calliste, Black Stalin's nephew, who was recently fired from his URP management position in the southland. Tell that to all the other managers whose contracts were summarily terminated over the last few days. Every day, people are losing their jobs because they were, or suspected to be PPG supporters.

Last week my contract was terminated, no notice, no reason, just “your services are no longer required”. That is their right. The government is entitled to do whatever it wants. I will do what I have to do.

But it is increasingly clear that the PNM still sees itself as the Mighty Sparrow crooned years ago as "politically strong", the "real boss in Town" and when it talks "no damn dog bark… Who not with me is my enemy and ‘dust’ will be their destiny."

What is strange is that our major so-called independent institutions appear complicit in denying that hundreds, perhaps thousands of citizens have gone on the breadline since September.

When the frustration ultimately manifests itself on our streets, they would act surprised, even repeating PNM excuses that it was "waste, mismanagement and corruption" that caused these fired citizens to be on the breadline.

To-date, everything is based on allegations that becomes fact in our bacchanal society, which is what the PNM wants and thrives on. If the PNM is aware of corruption, then jail somebody or for heaven's sakes just shut up and get on with the people’s business, which includes providing quality jobs for all.

Our country is too interconnected to prevent PNM people from ultimately feeling the effects of this well-orchestrated witch hunt.

If someone's contract comes to an end, there is a legitimate expectation that it should be renewed. One cannot simply get away by saying that the contract has come to an end. There are mouths to feed and hungry bellies to fill – citizens will go hungry.

While all of this is happening, the PNM is getting a pass from an opposition which is caught up in a leadership battle to determine who will lead the party after December 5. In the process, some in the UNC are more concerned with destroying one another rather than seeing the big picture of having the strength and unity to confront and defeat the PNM.

So we have hired guns on all sides leading a murderous onslaught that will ultimately assist the PNM. I am told that within the UNC the greatest enemy is not the PNM but "friends".

Where will this leave the UNC? Whoever wins will face a protracted struggle to unite the contending forces and after the bitter internal warfare, the young professional class of the UNC base would likely lose interest while the PNM rides roughshod over the country and everybody who does not subscribe to their agenda.

The starting point for all engaged in the current UNC battle for control is for all to recognize that those they oppose are not the enemy but equal members of one family and only a strong and united opposition can fight back and keep the PNM in check.

Capil Bissoon is a Trini-Canadian looking on at Trinidad and Tobago politics from a distance

Originally published in the&
Republished with permission.
Indeed, we are puzzled by Mr. Capil Bissoon's thinking. The conclusions he has arrived at with regards to the corrective actions being pursued by the newly elected PNM government tell us quite clearly that his "Trini-Canadian view of Trinidad and Tobago's politics from a distance" lacks the objectivity, enlightenment but most of all the integrity that we "ordinary stay at home" Trinis normally look for in the views of the more fortunate expatriate Trini community, blessed as most of them are, like Mr. Bissoon is, with higher education.

Mr. Bissoon's commentaries over time reveal that his support for the UNC in the year 2015 is no more rational or any less tribal than the blind support and apparatchik type loyalty his uneducated cane-cutting forefathers pledged to the DLP in the 1960s and throughout its many subsequent (ULF/Club88/UNC) incarnations.

Obviously, neither that higher education nor exposure to first world living and and first world thinking has broadened or influenced his take on the country's evolving politics. Mr. Bissoon gives renewed meaning to the old saying that if you send a donkey to school all you end up with is an educated jackass. But if ever there was a biased political dinosaur it would be Capil Bissoon.

Now, exactly what "witch hunt" is Mr. Bissoon referring to? And who is the witch being hunted? If the PNM government were truly engaged in witch hunting, it would not have to search or hunt very far as both Estate Drive in Philippine, and Rienzi Complex on the Macbean Stretch in Couva (the home and office respectively of the UNC's facilitator of prosperity and ill-gotten  wealth) are well within its reach, or for that matter, well within the reach of any police constable.

But, there is a mind boggling disconnect in the logic that informed Mr. Bissoon's latest anti PNM rant in that he focuses entirely on PNM's actions but completely ignores the precipitating factors for such actions, namely the gross misbehaviour in office of the government led by Ms. Persad-Bissessar. How can Mr. Bissoon equate attempts to ascertain through the country's legitimate investigative institutions and agencies the alleged wrongdoings of the former government with witch hunting?

Is the new government expected to just "jail people" without first determining the facts as Mr. Bissoon provocatively suggests? Or should it simply close its eyes, "shut up and get on with the people's business" allowing to escape those who it is alleged siphoned billions of taxpayer dollars and the country's patrimony into the private coffers of UNC cronies and party hacks?

NO! There must be impartial investigations guided by the rule of law as well as the rules of natural justice. By the way, where is Krishna Persad of SIS notoriety today? He was the UNC' most favoured contractor. It has been reported that he left the country in the immediate aftermath of the UNC's defeat at the polls and is yet to return.

In the eyes of some 400,000 citizens Mrs. Persad-Bissessar did not head a government; she led a "grabberment" of crooks and thieves, all "man-Jack" grabbing for themselves not only as much as they could grab but much more than they could carry. The last three months leading up to the general election provided the opportunity to "finish teefing what dey didn't have chance to teef before", all of it under the watchful, condoning and protective eyes of their political leader.

The fact that the Partnership still garnered 300,000 plus votes tells this writer that Trini-Hindus, those hard core grassroot supporters of the UNC subscribe to a different set of values and codes of ethical conduct than the rest of the population. It sets them apart in a manner that does not bode well for the moral/ethical fabric of our society, our young people in particular. It is no secret. Their hard core supporters tell you openly, "WE KNOW DEY DOES TIEF, WE KNOW DEY CORRUPT BUT DEM IS INDIAN SO WE STILL VOTING FOR DEM". And that is the same mentality with which Mr. Bissoon seems to be blighted.

End Of that disgusting story.

Mr. Bissoon also takes issue with the fact that workers whose contracts ended were allowed to go home, and others whose contracts were still in force are being terminated. He cites the termination of his own contract with no reason being given as evidence of PNM bad mind.


In the first place there can be no legitimate expectation that one's contract would be renewed. Government employment contracts are designed to give so such expectation or entitlement. That's the whole idea behind contract employment: the contract is for a specific period and when that time is up you "haul ass" and go home unless you indicate in writing your desire and willingness to be reemployed in the position. In that case you still "haul ass", go home and re-apply for the position. One can hope that one's contract would be renewed but it remains the right of the employer to so determine.

In cases where employment contracts were hurriedly entered into by an outgoing administration and people employed on the eve of a general election as was so unprincipledly done by Mrs. Persad-Bissessar's agents, the new government is entitled to, in fact it would be foolish of them not to, terminate or refuse to renew such contracts. And in other cases where contracts were not hurriedly entered into but enjoyed some historical tenure as Mr. Bissoon's contract (I would guess) was, it is again the right and prerogative of the employer to determine whether such an individual should remain in its employ, taking many factors into consideration, most crucially, depending on the nature of the position, the individual's known political affiliation.

No goverment worth its salt should allow itself to be saddled with individuals who may not be fully supportive of its policies and programmes. And for someone like Mr. Bissoon whose political indentureship and prostitution to the UNC is common knowledge in every political whore house from the banks of the Caroni across the Kala Pani to the Port of Calcutta, the termination of his employment was a "fait accompli" from the moment the election date was announced. He should have spared himself the ignominy of being terminated and taken the moral high ground by resigning in dignity.

But like he ent know nutten bout dignity and principle. Peeple ike he does hold on to the door frame kicking and screaming when yuh trying to close de door in dey face.

Mrs. Persad-Bissessar's government employed a significant number of individuals with bogus credentials putting them in top key positions and paying them exorbitant salaries. Some have come to light, many others have not, but will in time after thorough investigation.

Even as this piece is being written a number of unscrupulous practices engaged in by her administration are being unearthed. They are nothing short of scandalous. From the printing and backdating of contracts and invoices, and other supporting documents to the shredding of other damning documents, an ugly picture of the true nature of Mrs. Persad-Bissesar's rule is now emerging. That so much crookednes and blatant corruption could have prevailed under her watch without her knowledge is absolutely unbelievable. It tells us one of two things: she was either hopelessly incompetent or hopelessly stupid. There is a third possibility, nay probability, but we will leave that there for now. Let the investigations proceed.

Incidentally, we hold no brief for the PNM. Very little has been said here in support of the new government save and except its right to govern and to correct wrongs in Society's best interest. We have never been supporters of the PNM; many times we have described them as the greatest blight to have ever descended on this country; we simply wait to see whether this Rowley led administration will distinguish itself from those of his predecessors.

In the meantime Mrs. Persad-Bissessar is being challenged for the leadership of the UNC by none other than those who drank most at the trough. All of a sudden they have come to the realization that the party needs to be rebranded, its image changed. It begs the question: WHY?

Maybe Mr. Bissoon can enlighten us.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Sociology, Power and Crime

My name is Vereuch Simmons, I am a Post Graduate student at the University of the West Indies. Please find my op-ed submission attached.

The French philosopher Michel Foucault is known for coining the phrase, “power is everywhere”. By this he meant power is in every institution and interaction found in civil society and everyday life.

Power shapes how people interact with and access all things in the modern world. If this is so, how might power relate to violence and individuals residing in low income areas throughout Trinidad and Tobago?

The long dead British political philosopher Thomas Hobbes stated that "Covenants, without the sword are but words", which translated into modern speak means that a constitution that is not backed by military power is but a mere document.

Violence in the form of military power is one of the founding principles of any and all modern states including Trinidad and Tobago. While Trinidad and Tobago may have been handed independence by the British government, the oppressive nature of the governance style transferred the brutalities of colonialism too.

Karl Marx states that, “every society harbors the seeds of its successor just as every individual harbors the seeds of its offspring”. This explains why the vast inequalities still exist in Trinidad and Tobago and continue to grow. Although we may not be under colonial rule, the seed of colonialism has grown into the immortelle tree under which the Trinbagonian society exists.

The economic disparity is constantly increasing; the poorer classes are stigmatized and grouped into “hot spots;” socially degraded by the more fortunate citizens. One may then wonder how does this affect the power dynamics of the country?

The US’s greatest sociologist, C Wright Mills, wrote that all politics is a struggle for power and the ultimate kind of power is violence. Since in general the poorer classes have been excluded from direct participation in any constructive way in local politics, they are forced to take extreme measures and make their voices heard by utilizing the ultimate kind of power, violence.

Trinidad and Tobago now has a rapidly increasing culture of violence in all aspects of life; within the home, the community and the nation at large. There are now more murders, stabbings, shooting, beatings and other forms of assault than have ever existed. However is it by coincidence that we tend to see the prevalence of these acts in the low income communities?

Another famous US scholar, economist Charles Engel, argues that violence is the accelerator of economic development. If his teaching holds true, can this simply mean that the rise in violence in low income communities is a cry for economic development?

While the Central Bank has reported that the nation has been having positive economic growth for the better part of the last decade, people in low income communities have been having less and less economic power because as other groupings of society gain more money, their economic power grows thus decreasing the economic power of the low income communities.

This loss is not only in the bank account of the low income residents but is mirrored by a loss of political trust (as politicians are less likely to deal with issues of these communities) and the loss of national respect (as low income communities face discrimination from the stronger economic citizens throughout the country).

At the base of all these problems lies one fundamental issue: poverty. Poverty takes away power that a normal citizen would possess and in order to compensate, violence becomes the equalizing strategy.

Mao Tse-tung , the founding father of the People’s Republic of China says, “power grows out of the barrel of a gun”, so is it a mere coincidence that guns are abundant now more than ever in low income communities.

While this is not to look at this issue in isolation - the drug economy obviously plays a large part in the supply of guns - the motive for involvement in the drug economy is all tied back to increasing one’s economic power and thus one’s power as a citizen.

If politicians are serious about fighting “violent crime”, the redistribution of economic power should form the basis of all policy and government initiatives. It is not until a balance of power is achieved throughout the nation that we can make any headway as a people in the fight against violent crime.

Vereuch Simmons
Poverty and Social Policy
Research Assistant at UNDP
Trinidad and Tobago

Vereuch Simmonsis the founder of SpeakUpTT. He is a well-traveled, highly ambitious individual who has continually excelled academically. He obtained his BA in Political Science from Florida International University where he first became involved in social activism. Since then he has worked on a plethora of projects focused on public information, human capacity building and policy development. He is currently pursuing a Msc In Government at the University of West Indies and working on a host of community and national development projects.
The suggestion that poverty breeds criminals and justifies violent crime of the type that we are witnessing in Trinidad and Tobago today is offensive and insulting to decent poor people.

The writer’s submission completely ignores the fact that the vast majority of poor people in our Society are honest, hardworking citizens who steadfastly refuse to allow their impoverished circumstances to turn them into violent criminals.
What may be true in other Societies is not always applicable to ours and while the nexus between poverty and crime may be an arguable and defendable hypothesis in some countries, in Trinidad and Tobago it is not, because there is no shortage of educational and self-empowerment opportunities, all State sponsored and absolutely free, to facilitate the escape from the trap of poverty.

But for whatever reason(s), the acquisition of a good quality education and/or marketable, employable skills are not priorities for many of our young and not so young citizens who make deliberate choices to do bad with their lives and their children’s lives, to inflict pain, wreak havoc on Society and become parasitic burdens on the State. While a social net is needed to help the genuinely less fortunate in society, the Government is nobody’s ‘Sugar Daddy’ and it is certainly not any group's Santa Claus.

What is needed in Trinidad and Tobago to eradicate violent crime is the political will to confront the violence of the minority criminal element with the greater and lawful violence of the State. What we most certainly do not need or want is the “redistribution of economic power” (the writer's submission) driven by misguided government policies and initiatives that seek to artificially and gratuitously empower those who not wish to empower themselves by tried, tested and proven means.

Why should those who study, work hard, pay taxes and make sacrifices but yet save enough to live honestly and comfortably and in turn educate their children be denied or forced to share the economic power and privileges to which they are entitled with others who contribute absolutely nothing to the development of Society.

"Power does indeed grow out of the barrel of a gun" (the writer's submission) therefore the State must ensure that its legitimate power remain unchallenged and supreme, enforced as it should and must through the bigger barrels of superior Government guns.

Monday, 16 November 2015

No Firearms For Off Duty Trinidad and Tobago Prison Officers

Let's be brutal with the facts. No hit can he ordered from behind prison walls on anyone on the outside, without active collusion and conspiracy between the incarcerated criminal element and prison officers.

Whether the hit is on innocent civilian witnesses, other criminal elements or prison officers, instructions cannot be issued unless prison officers are themselves part of the conspiracy.
Only prison officers can allow cell phones into the prisons. And only prison officers can otherwise facilitate the necessary communication between the incarcerated criminal mastermind and the trigger man on the outside for a hit to be ordered.

Arming off duty prison officers is not the answer. Weeding out compromised and corrupt officers is the only sensible and practical solution because we may very well be arming the same officers who together with criminal elements are plotting the assassination of their colleagues.

If off duty Prison Officer "A" is armed, what is to stop rogue Prison Officer "B" from informing the hit-man that Officer "A" is armed? Or why would the hit man not simply assume that the officer is indeed armed and plan accordingly? The element of surprise is all that is needed to render the officer's firearm useless to him and have it end up in the hands of his attackers. It happened to the special forces soldier who was recently relieved of his pistol after being shot in the head.

Being in possession of a firearm does not guarantee the safety of the off duty prison officer. None other than Prison Commissioner Mike Hercules learned this the hard way when a 16 year old 'duncey-head' piece of shit from Morvant named Nevada Johnson shot him dead and stole his firearm.

Criminals, as we all know, routinely and fearlessly engage in shoot-outs with well trained, heavily armed police squads and teams. What makes Prison Officers believe that the same armed criminals would hesitate to target the individual off duty prison officer, who even though armed, like Hercules was, when attacked, is usually alone or with an unarmed friend or two. Or even if armed that he would stand a snowballs chance in hell of surviving a hail of bullets directed at him?

The fatal shooting of the two Diaz brothers, both of them prison officers, took place as they were leaving a rum shop at 2.30 in the morning. One wonders whether they could have passed sobriety tests and what might have happened had they been armed at the time. Family members admit that the brothers had been the recipients of death threats over a period of time.

People, generally, need to take responsibility for their own actions, and by extension, their own safety and Prison officers are not exempt from that need to exercise reasonable and sensible precaution as they go about their daily off duty routines. They, more than anyone else ought to be aware of the occupational risks they face, which incidentally they are paid to face, both on and off the job.

But putting occupational risks aside, the Prison Officers Association needs to rid itself of the notion and the belief that its officers are saints when on the job and sacrificial lambs when off. Prison Officer Bernard Kirk was killed in May 2010 during a drunken brawl at Salybia Beach between a group of prison officers who it is alleged were drunk and misbehaving, beating members of a family who were on the beach. We can well imagine the blood bath that would have resulted had any of these officers been armed.

The commissioner needs to examine to what extent the activities of his officers behind prison walls contribute to attacks they sustain on the outside. It has been established on many occasions, even in the courts,  that prison officers inflict unnecessary and unprovoked brutality on inmates, many times simply because of the officers' ignorance, their bullying nature and their own criminal predisposition to violence. And when these acts of criminal behaviour involving the abuse of prisoners are reported a web of deception and perjured testimony is concocted and weaved by the prisons brotherhood up to the highest levels to frustrate, pervert and derails the wheels of justice.

The wife and daughter of slain Prison Officer Robert Seecharan painted a picture of a sadistic, violent officer who took pleasure in brutalizing prisoners to a bloody pulp and boasting about it, even coming home with his uniform spattered with bllod. He was issued with a firearm for his protection when off duty.

Is that the type of conduct the State is being called upon to protect by giving firearms to off duty prison officers. And housing as well? Most decent law abiding citizens would recoil at the thought of a badly behaved, rogue prison officer from a traditional hot spot crime infested neighborhood where he has probably lived all his life becoming their (next door)neighbor.

We say a resounding NO! No firearms for off duty prison officers. No special housing consideration for them either, other than what they can qualify for. Clean up the service and let them simply behave themselves on the job. Attacks against them on the outside may very well cease.