Saturday, 24 January 2009

America's Negro President

There are hundreds of millions of naive Obama supporters scattered around the globe, some of them right here in Trinidad and Tobago, and tens of millions more in the US itself, who beiieve that an Obama presidency would cause America to suddenly find the conscience and morality it never had, or at least had long lost.

Sadly, this negro President from whom the world expects so much will deliver so very little. We predict that he would be nothing more than a compliant black president operating in and upholding America's capitalist white power structure that has dominated the world and raped three quarters of it.

Many of those who have allowed themselves to be persuaded by his slick rhetoric  believe that under him America's capitalist white power structure and America's wicked 'Might is Right' foreign policy (the former dictating the latter) would somehow miraculously change for the better, would soon awaken from the idealistic stupor that blinds them to the harsh political, economic and racial realities of the United States and Obama's impotence to change either.

The time is not too far off when Obama will be unmasked for what he really represents. There will be widespread dissatisfaction among American minorities with his presidency, giving rise to a national wailing and gnashing of teeth that will escalate into a global cacophony of third world disappointment.