Monday, 30 January 2012

Nacta Poll: Goodwill for Kamla but PP Disappoints The People

From The Trinidad Guardian:

"An opinion poll conducted by Nacta has revealed that some voters are disappointed with the performance of the People’s Partnership Government as it completes its first year in office. Many of the respondents stated that there has not been much change in the way business is conducted since the PNM. The Government has lost popular support since the May 24, 2010 election with apathy rising, while some are not pleased with the rate of delivery of promises made during the election campaign. Surprisingly, many of the electorate see corruption as the most important issue facing the PP administration. Others express regret at having voted in the PP coalition, and yet not pleased with the PNM as the alternative.

In the eyes of some, the Government has lost credibility with making missteps, errors, awarding contracts and Ministers speaking out of turn. But the good news for the Government is that supporters continue to show goodwill towards Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar. They remain confident she will take measures to change the way Government does business. Voters also heaped praises on Ministers Jack Warner, Roodal Moonilal, Glenn Ramadharsingh and Vasant Bharath for work done.  These findings were garnered from interviews conducted with several hundred respondents over the last week.  Voters are also pleased with the way Ministers Moonilal and Bharath resolved the farmers’ issue. Warner was given the thumbs-up for his performance and effectiveness in getting things done. Ramadharsingh was credited with serving the people and helping the needy. The country was not pleased with the handling of health, crime and the economy."

We here agree with the poll's findings that people are disappointed in the PP Government but we maintain confidence that Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar will do what is necessary to keep her government on track and focused on honouring its campaign pledges.

We have never doubted the PM's personal integrity but we admit that there exists among her supporters serious reservations about some in her government whom many think do not share her definition and vision of honest government, but whose self serving and self rewarding agendas will in the fullness of time be exposed.

Humans are not angels and no organization with a human component to it, be it conglomerate, church or government, can exist without the scourge of corruption surfacing at some point in time in spite of the best preventative measures. What matters is how corruption is dealt with, once suspected or exposed, to put an immediate stop to it and bring those responsible to justice. And in this regard the Honourable Prime Minister cannot be faulted for her handling of such allegations when brought to her attention. In fact, her actions have demonstrated unequivocally her personal commitment to her campaign pledges of honest and transparent government, unlike her PNM prdecessor who literally turned a blind eye and deaf ear to countless and mounting allegations of massive corruption against his inner circle of PNM cronies.

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