Sunday, 15 November 2015

"DAESH/ISIS NO THREAT TO TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO", Says Its National Security Minister

TERROR group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is not a threat to Trinidad and Tobago right now, National Security Minister Edmund Dillon has said.

He pointed out that men and women who have travelled to the Middle East to be part of ISIS are free to return home.

"As citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, there is no law in place to stop them from coming home. If they have committed an international crime, we will work with our international partners to bring them to justice but for now, they are still citizens of Trinidad and Tobago," said Dillon.

We disagree strongly with the National Security Minister's assessment of the ISIS threat to Trinidad and Tobago.

In fact, we are astounded by the naïveté and ignorance of his statement but we would like to think that he was simply, as we say colloquially, "playing dead to catch corbaux".

Trinidad and Tobago is a western democracy. We enjoy close economic ties with the western superpowers who comprise ISIS's arch enemies and who are currently engaged in obliterative military forays against the group.

American and British investment in this twin island republic is substantial and profitable. And likewise, the presence of their nationals  here is significant and strategic to their respective interests. It is no secret that oil and gas installations, particularly those owned and operated by American and British energy giants are the favourite targets of extremist groups like ISIS.

"The friend of my enemy is also my enemy".

Quite spart from the dangerous ramifications that can and historically have been known to flow from the application of that universal political and military doctrine, there are other known factors that make the National Security Minister's assessment of the ISIS threat an unintelligent one. Chief among these is the fact that the group already has a presence here.

There are ISIS recruiters in Trinidad and Tobago spreading ISIS's twisted, radical and violent ideology. It has had success in brainwashing some thirty or more misguided and ignorant local Muslim idiots into going to the Middle East to commit murder by beheading and other barbaric acts of slaughter in the name of religion. Not only that but they have also been brainwashed into believing that as Muslims in Trinidad and Tobago they are under religious oppression and persecution.

They have recorded videos of themselves, acknowledging their activities and urging other Trinidadian muslims to do the same, to spread Islam by violence in the name of Allah. They are teaching that dangerous nonsense to their young offspring.

We must not forget either that Trunidad and Tobago co-sponsored with the United States the UN resolution that forms the basis of the ongoing US/Coalition response to ISIS. Look what has happened in France because of its anti ISIS crusade and its participation in that response.

Does the Trinidad and Tobago National Security Minister not recognize the inherent and obvious threat here to the safety of our general population and to our national security?

Instead of assuring the population of the Government's intention to bring the appropriate legislation as a matter of urgency to have the passports and citizenship of such persons and their accompanying families revoked, rendering them  stateless individuals, and  refusing them entry back into the country, he goes on to compound the absurdity of his assessment by defending the constitutional rights of these self confessed terrorists and murderers to return to Trinidad because "after all they are still citizens of the country"

What utter bull-shit!

ISIS is a recognized threat to the entire world. The US military high conmand has sounded a warning to the Caribbean about the dangers posed by ISIS albeit from a distance.Yet Trinidad and Tobago with an established ISIS presence through locals acting as recruiters for the group, with those recruited becoming Jihadists, does not consider that a threat to the country's safety and security.

Given our own brush with radical Islam in 1990 and the ongoing gangland activity involving heavily armed black Muslim youths, let's hope we don't have to weep as well like the French are currently doing when ISIS through its local presence decides to bite us deeply in the ass when we least expect.

We fear for this country.

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