Saturday, 21 November 2015

T&T Islamic Leader Wants Local DAESH/ISIS Killers To Be Welcomed Back Home

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC) — The head of the Islamic Front of Trinidad and Tobago Umar Abdullah says nationals who have joined the terrorist group, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), should be welcomed back into the country.

Abdullah, who appeared on a CCN TV6 television programme here on Wednesday night, said that he has had a close relationship with some of the Trinidadians who had journeyed to Syria to fight alongside the ISIS fighters.

Abdullah, who acknowledged that he was once a firebrand Muslim, told television viewers that the Government should create fertile soil for these men and their families to return from Syria and other battlegrounds.

"We have the minister of national security saying that there is no threat (from ISIS). We have the prime minister saying there is some level of threat. I would go with the minister of national security in this sense.

"I know these individuals and I know a lot of them who have went away and who have gone and joined with ISIS and so on. Some of them were part of my group. That was in the 'earlies' when I had expressed radical views," Abdullah said.

Abdullah told television viewers that he does not believe that any of the returning Trinidadian fighters "would pose any threat.

"As a matter of fact they would be more of an asset to this country than anything . Because one thing they will be doing is talking about their experience out there wherever they have gone and it will be a deterrent for those who are thinking of going," he said.

Now Let's see if we understand this "caca-hole" named Umar Abdullah, correctly.

He is advocating that local Muslims who were brainwashed by ISIS recruiters into going to the Middle East to murder total strangers should be allowed back into Trinidad because they would be assets to the country by talking about their experiences which he says would deter others who may be thinking about joining ISIS.

If we were to question the nature of their collective experience we would have to conclude, based on the videos posted online by ISIS, that it was an exciting, exhilarating and fulfilling spiritual rebirth for them. In the videos I saw, there was not even a hint of remorse or regret, not even a veiled suggestion that they were anything but happy with their activities in the ISIS slaughterhouse. They appeared proud of their murderous crimes against disbelievers; they boasted about how fulfilled they were that they were able to practice their "din" in ISIS without the "restriction" they say they had in Trinidad. So motivated were they that they encouraged their Muslim brothers in Trinidad to not only become jihadists and join the ISIS bandwagon but to terrorize Trinidad and Tobago Christians in their homes and bedrooms and slaughter them to make their blood run in its streets.

Not a word was mentioned about them being paid mercenaries, money grabbing soldiers of fortune killing people for money, not for love of God.

When James Foley was beheaded we could hear a distinctly Trinidadian voice laughing in the video posted by ISIS. "HEH HEH HEH, WE GO SAY DAT HE LORSE HIS HEAD, HEH HEH HEH"

Is that the Caca-Hole Abdullah's wish list for this country? Is that the experience this Muslim Shit-Head expects those radicalized morons to share with Trinidad and Tobago youth if they are allowed back into the country. We already have a disproportionate number of dunces, assholes and pieces of shit shooting up the place and killing people indiscriminately. What good can come out sharing the gory details of ISIS beheadings, immolations and other maniacal acts of barbarity and depravity with such already misguided youth?

We have no reason to believe that those who were brainwashed into accepting that the practice of Islam in Trinidad and Tobago, one of the most democratic, religiously tolerant and all embracing societies in the world, is "restricted", could not have been further brainwashed into believing that their terrorist/jihadist training and experience should now be put to use in their T&T homeland which they have already branded as being intolerant of Islam.

Abdullah's advocacy should be viewed with grave distrust and suspicion. Who knows? His "advice" may well be part of an ISIS agenda and he himself could be an ISIS supporter and sympathizer.

The government must not allow them back into the country. They should be stripped of their citizenship, rendered stateless, and forced to remain in their ISIS haven.

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