Friday, 20 November 2015

Those Fireworks Injuries - Thank You Karma, Thou Heartless Bitch.

The fireworks season is upon us once again, and while the vast majority of us look forward to enjoying the Yuletide season in a peaceful manner, giving generously according to our individual circumstances, spreading joy and practicing brotherly love as far as possible, there are demons among us, young, old, not so young and not so old, whose sole intent it would seem is to launch a vicious, mindless assault upon us by violating our right to the peaceful enjoyment of our homes while traumatizing our pets to the point that they injure themselves in their desperate bid to escape the fireworks onslaught.

Complaints to the police of our distress have yielded indifferent, unsympathetic if not downright callous responses that range from "stuff cotton wool in yuh ears" from the lazy Dunces at  the St. James police station to "is de season to be jolly; let de people enjoy dem selves. Drink some rum and go to sleep" from  another set of morons at the Woodbrook  police station.

Appeals to the perpetrators of this torture to exercise discretion have been met with verbal abuse, defiance and outright spite from young and old alike. They retaliate to complaints by throwing the explosives at passing cars, in private yards, in one instance through an open bedroom window where it landed on a pensioner's bed

Well, this year it seems that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Karma the universal equalizer of rights and wrongs seems to have recognized our suffering. People are now getting injured from detonating these explosive gadgets of distress: young, old, children including toddlers, are being injured but we are unmoved. We have suffered too much for too long to be sympathetic towards the architects of our agony and/or their children.

Our pets are our children. If you traumatize my child why should I care if you injure yours, or if they injure themselves in the process. Maybe the nonsense will stop now.

Thank you, Karma, for being the heartless bitch you are. We find comfort in the knowledge that the tables are beginning to turn against our tormenters, old and young alike.

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  1. From the Legislators who are responsible for the regulation of the use of fireworks, to the Environmental Agency and the Police who are mandated to enforce those regulations, to the Importers, Distributors, Wholesalers and Retailers who are responsible for getting the explosives into the hands of the Public, to the Parents of the juvenile delinquents who actually discharge them, no one gives a rat's ass about the illegality that takes place on an annual basis and its impact on those of us who are negatively affected by the noise.

    The police in particular have been woefully lax and incompetent in enforcing the Law as it relates to the indiscriminate, reckless and dangerous discharge of pyrotechnics, including the ever popular scratch bombs, cherry bombs and cherry boasters.

    The situation has worsened over the years both in terms of the frequency and duration of the sessions and the conditions under which the explosives are discharged. Household pets go berserk and damage themselves, some run away never to return or be found. The elderly, the infirm and citizens generally who do not like fireworks are severely disturbed,

    The time has come for citizens to band themselves into an 'Anti-Fireworks Lobby" to demand that the Government enforce the appropriate Laws that restrict the discharge of pyrotechnics to certain well defined spaces and not just next door in your neighbour's yard or on the pavement or street in front of your house.

    I would not be surprised if one day some enraged and frustrated senior citizen who is adversely affected by the indiscriminate discharge of these explosives grabs the first person, be it man woman or child, he sees detonating explosives near his home and shoves the device up the person's ass or down his/her throat and ignites it.

    If the authorities continue to be lackadaisical in curbing the fireworks menace it may very well happen one day.


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