Sunday, 29 November 2015

Trinidad and Tobago National Security Minister To Hold DAESH/ISIS Talks With Islamic Front Clown Umar Abdullah

Listen to the Islamic Clown Umar Abdullah:

Saturday, November 28, 2015
"No government should prevent its citizens from returning to T&T. Citizens who commit crimes outside of T&T and served jail sentences are deported back to T&T, yet no one complains. What the Government has to do is properly screen, monitor and offer rehabilitative programmes to these families and fighters so they can be reintegrated back into society. We should not shut the doors on them. These people need counselling. They should not be locked out because we would create a bigger problem.”

This joker Umar Abdullah fails to understand even his own analogy in that citizens of Trinidad and Tobago who commit crimes outside of Trinidad and Tobago are deported back to Trinidad and Tobago only after they have been tried, convicted, sentenced and punished by some competent and lawful authority/judicial system in whichever sovereign jurisdiction they committed those crimes. And those who commit heinous and barbaric crimes (like the local Muslim butchers who went to murder and slaughter innocent strangers for Daesh)  would be punished severely and for decades before they are deported back to Trinidad and Tobago.

Would the returning Muslim butchers have been punished adequately or at all for their savage crimes against mankind? Why are they coming back and why should the rest of us welcome them back to the country they found living in so intolerable in the first place and which after their Islamic radicalization they may now wish to fashion according to their Islamic notions? Why should we accept cold blooded killers as our neighbors? Why should the State be saddled with the responsibility and expense of reforming and/or monitoring religious nuts and fanatics who kill for mercenary money but pretend they do so out of some sick twisted desire to satisfy the god they believe in?

No Sir, Caca-Hole Abdullah.

Islamic fundamentalism has no place in this country, and pretty soon, unless mainstream peace loving Muslims find it within themselves to stop the fence sitting and speak out in open condemnation and denunciation of Islamic fundamentalism and the savage violence it propagates and perpetuates,  they may very well find that they too will have no place in this country.

But for now we do not want these Muslim butchers back here and we will agitate, incite and engender extreme intolerance towards them, their wives and children if the Government of Trinidad and Tobago does not muster the political backbone to protect the majority of our population by keeping that murderous Islamic minority out.