Saturday, 28 November 2015

Trinidad and Tobago's Muslim Attorney General Reluctant To Bar Returning DAESH/ISIS Killers

Listening to Attorney General Faris al Rawi speak on the issue of how Trinidad and Tobago should treat with nationals who have joined Daesh and gone abroad to participate in the groups barbaric atrocities, we get the impression that he is reluctant to bar their re-entry to the country and is in fact looking for every possible reason to justify Government inaction on that option.

This Muslim Attorney General has concerns about what will happen to these Muslim butchers of mankind if we ban them from returning home.


I must question why this Muslim Attorney General is so concerned about the welfare of those criminal extremists? Why is he complicating what is a relatively simple matter to deal with? Why is he introducing concerns that are not only misguided and misplaced but clearly irrelevant?

And most of all, why is he bent on promoting and extending to these fanatics the rights and protection of the very constitution that they would so easily overthrow, if given the opportunity, as was done by another group of Muslim criminals in 1990?

A state has the constitutional right to cancel or revoke the passport of any of its citizens. It is normally stated in the passport that the passport remains the property of the issuing government and must be surrendered on request/demand.

One does not have to be a constitutional expert too know how to deal simply and effectively with the situation. The cancellation/revocation and international blacklisting of the passports through diplomatic channels and law enforcement/intelligence agencies would result in the affected persons being stranded wherever they may be.

They would not be accepted for international travel on any airline; they would not be able to set foot on an international air carrier or sea vessel; they would not be able to get within 10,000 miles of Trinidad and Tobago, far less end up at one of our air or sea ports, so the issue of "IF WE REFUSE THEM ENTRY, WHICH AIRLINE/BOAT WILL TAKE THEM AND TO WHICH COUNTRY?" as agonized over by this Muslim Attorney General, does not arise.

The issue of statelessness does not arise either.

Cancelling or revoking a passport does not render the holder stateless or without nationality; it means that he/she/they just cannot travel internationally, that's all.

And if statelessness were to occur .... Big deal! Its not as if they would be languishing in some political nether land or floating aimlessly on some rubber dinghy in international waters or drifting in some hot air balloon unable to land anywhere.

At the time of their passports being revoked they would already be in a host country somewhere, most likely Syria, Iraq or some other war-torn and devastated Middle Eastern state that they and their Daesh cohorts would have ravaged, plundered and desecrated. One of those countries would be ideally poised and best suited to continue holding them, if even as prisoners of war for crimes against humanity. Why should we now provide sanctuary for them from the American, French, Russian and other forces that would be either looking for them or bombing the shit out of them?

We ask again, why is Trinidad and Tobago's Muslim Attorney General agonizing and pussyfooting over doing what the majority of Trinidad and Tobago is in favour of and what the country's national security requires.

We do not like the answer that begs recognition.

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