Tuesday, 2 August 2016


Man held for smuggling 'Daesh recruits' in Southern Turkey

Suspected Syrian smuggler has been remanded in custody, while 9 Trinidad and Tobago suspects are expected to be deported

10 people, including the driver and nine Trinidad and Tobago citizens were then detained based on suspicion.

ADANA, Turkey

Turkish authorities nabbed a Syrian man suspected of trying to smuggle nine Trinidad and Tobago citizens from southern Turkey to the Daesh terrorist organization in Syria Monday, a police source said.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to restriction on speaking to media, said police had stopped a car with a license plate from southern Mersin province when it entered south-central Adana province; 10 people, including the driver and nine Trinidad and Tobago citizens were then detained based on suspicion.

After an initial probe, police found the Syrian man, Asem H., was trying to take the foreigners to the war-torn country, where they would have been recruited by Daesh.

The Syrian suspect was remanded in custody after an appearance at a local court, while the nine other foreigners were transferred to Adana Provincial Migration Management for deportation procedures, the source said.

(Reporting by Gokce Cansunar; Writing by Ahmet Sait Akcay)


  1. former national security minister Gary Griffith maintains any T&T born Isis fighters or those seeking to join Isis should not be allowed back in T&T.

    “Let them stay there until they die,” Griffith said.

    The National Security Ministry was unable to say if Turkey was a party to the UN resolution on terrorism that would mandate Turkey to give T&T information on the detained nine. Griffith had expressed concern about that.

    Griffith, however, said even if Turkey was not party to the resolution and did not give T&T information on when the nine may be sent back, the UK or authorities of other states they might pass through would give T&T that information, as those states were party to the UN information-sharing resolution.

    He added: “Some of these persons who try to join Isis are simply mercenaries who see it as a step up from being gang members. We need to put systems in place to prevent their return.

    “Let them remain in Syria like Shane Crawford. If they return they will have access to other people so they must be avoided like the plague. Let them remain there and never set foot back here.”


  2. This PNM administration is as inept as its predecessors. It will pussyfoot and "titivay" and gallery and spout ton loads of shit talk until some misguided local self-styled Muslim copycat looking for his 10 minutes of local media attention, or maybe DAESH itself detonates an explosive inside the State's exposed and vulnerable backside


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