Sunday, 4 December 2016

Trinidad and Tobago Government's Refusal To Confront Radical Islam

Even as DAESH Cowards Fee Coalition Forces

Like rats abandoning a sinking ship, cowardly Trinidadian wannabe terrorists - and I will keep using the words "coward", "cowardly" and "Trinidadian" repeatedly throughout this post - who went to the Middle East to kill innocent people in the name of Islam and God and for simply being Christian, have now put their cowardly Trinidadian tails between their cowardly Trinidadian legs and are literally running for their cowardly, lowly, despicable  Trinidadian lives as they are confronted for the first time by well prepared Iraqi and coalition forces backed by US, British and Russian air power.

It was easy for these Trinidadian cowards, these Trinidadian butchers of Mankind when armed to the teeth and in large numbers to impose DAESH's twisted, psychotic version of Islam on unarmed civilian populations, torturing and beheading those braver than themselves who although defenseless resisted DAESH's Islamic fanaticism.

But with coalition forces now attacking from all sides, liberating the Iraqi city of Mosul from DAESH's murderous grip while simultaneously bombing the Syrian cities of Raaqa and ALEPPO with the aim of dismantling, crushing and eradicating DAESH's proposed Caliphate, these Trinidadian cowards are now showing their true cowardly character.

Afraid to face the guns and bullets of real soldiers, scared shitless to face the fate that they so mercilessly and cowardly inflicted on defenseless civilians, these cowardly Trinidadian killers are shedding the DAESH identity of which they were once proud.They have taken to shaving their dirty disheveled beards, disguising themselves as women in Niqabs and Burkas, using old people and children as human shields in their desperation to avoid capture. They have hightailed it from the front lines; no longer prepared to die for their twisted psychotic cause, no longer willing to  accept martyrdom in the name of Islam and God; no longer proud to be Jihadist; no longer shouting "Allahu Akbar" but instead shrieking in terror "OH GAWD! ORL YUH MOVE FROM DEY! LEH WE PASS. WE GOING BACK TRINI".

Now suddenly and conveniently, they have morphed back to just plain Trini cowards, trying desperately to run back to their Trinidad and Tobago homeland, the very country in which they have called for the slaughter of their fellow Trinidadians and for the blood of Christians to flow in its streets in the name of Islam and God. And yet, our Rowley led PNM government is prepared to welcome these cowardly but dangerous Trinidadian sociopaths back to these shores.

While virtually every secular state in the world recognizes the dangers posed to their non Muslim populations by the DAESH ideology that calls for the worldwide killing of Christians and the universal imposition of dreaded Sharia Law, this Keith Rowley led PNM Government seems unperturbed by any influence that the group may have locally; it feels no discomfort over that particular threat to our majority Christian population and it is doing absolutely nothing to allay our fears.

Even after this country's brush with radical Islam on July 27th, 1990 when the Islamic Jammat al Muslimeen led by Yasin Abu Bakr and an armed gang of 113 cowards stormed our Nation's Parliament, shouting "ALLAHU AKBAR", shooting and killing Parliamentarian Leo DesVignes, then beating, torturing and shooting Prime Minister A.N.R Robinson in an attempt to overthrow his democratically elected Government, this Keith Rowley led PNM government seems unconcerned that such an event, this time inspired by a more fanatical and dangerous ideology under different hands with more sophisticated weaponry, can happen again on a much larger, more violent, more destructive and bloodier scale.

More than 24 innocent Trinidadians (a final death toll figure has never been established) including law enforcement officers who were simply performing their duties lost their lives on that fateful day in the name of radical Islam and God before the attempt was put down

Bakr who never paid for his treason has not apologized to the country or expressed regret or remorse over his coup attempt and the loss of lives. In fact, he has refused to give an assurance that his organization will not repeat its murderous, treasonous actions.

Consequently, and also  because of other threats of destruction and anarchy continually posed by other Islamic nuts scattered across the island, all claiming to be acting in the name of God, Trinidadians of other creeds are forced to live with the threat of radical Islamic intervention in our lives hanging ominously over our heads.

Notwithstanding rejection of its claim to statehood by the United Nations and world governments and the refusal of mainstream Muslims  to recognize its caliphate, DAESH has arrogated to itself the  authority to control Muslims wherever they may be, including those living in Trinidad and Tobago.

With its fanatical ideology reaching our shores and not surprisingly finding favour among the country's  poorly educated criminal population, already fighting among themselves for "rank and respect" but unable to find either, not even in the gangland latrines where most of them come from and operate, killing their peers with impunity, many have jumped on the DAESH bandwagon pledging support to the Islamic slaughterhouse under the pretext of religious/spiritual conviction and defending Islam, whereas in truth and in fact they are simply seekers of fortune and fame, hoping to gain through their association with DAESH, the recognition that eludes them locally.

And they  have demonstrated that support for radical Islam in the most unequivocal and extreme terms, going abroad to murder innocent people by cutting off their heads while alive and other gruesome methods such as burning them, again while alive, yet this PNM government of Keith Rowley is not moved and in fact refuses to treat harshly with them. His government's official position on the return of these butchers to Trinidad and Tobago after their murderous radical Islamic forays abroard is that "THEY ARE NOT A THREAT TO THE COUNTRY. THEY ARE STILL TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO CITIZENS, AFTER ALL. WE WILL SIMPLY MONITOR THEIR ACTIVITIES WHEN THEY RETURN HOME"

Monitor their activities, my ass!

Our State security apparatus cannot even monitor the movement of persons behind the illicit flow of illegal guns and drugs into and out of this country and they expect us fearful citizens to be comforted by a promise to monitor the clandestine movements of terrorist killers who managed to leave the country without detection even though some of them are facing criminal charges locally and were already under suspicion of being terrorist sympathizers and supporters.

While this Rowley led PNM administration is new, the PNM's mollycoddling treatment of criminals isn't. And with local radical Islam now so inextricably intertwined with gangland criminal activity, so much of it committed by the PNM's hard-core ethnic support base, the Rowley led PNM government is loath to bring the iron fist of the State crashing down on their lawless backsides for fear it would lose substantial electoral support at the grassroots level, which as we all know, is where elections are fought and either won or lost.

Radical Islam, therefore, will now derive a collateral benefit and protection from the State of Trinidad and Tobago because of the PNM' Government's refusal or inability to deal decisively with criminals generally.

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