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Police Assoc Declares War on PCA Head David West

Source: Newsday Report by JADA LOUTOO
Tuesday, December 20 2016

HEAD of the Police Social and Welfare Association (PSWA) Michael Seales and his executive have declared war against Police Complaints Authority (PCA) Director David West, saying they will no longer cooperate with the investigative body under his leadership.
Seales’ declaration to his membership to withhold their cooperation with the PCA while West remains as the Authority’s director, came after a Portof- Spain Magistrate dismissed charges laid against one of the Association’s trustees, Inspector Ian Carty, who was accused of failing to provide documents on last year’s “Day of Total Policing”, on March 23, to the PCA.

Seales and Carty, who spoke after Senior Magistrate Gail Gonzales gave her decision in the Port-of-Spain Magistrates Court yesterday, called for the revocation of West’s appointment as the PCA’s director.

Speaking to the media, a defiant Seales said, “He is not going to sit easy because every member of this Police Service, I now decree, will not cooperate with Mr West because it is not in your best interest.

“The PCA under his current leadership cannot function, if we do not cooperate,” Seales declared.

“My decree is, that every single member, to turn your back on Mr West.

“When his investigators come, you will not cooperate voluntarily or otherwise. It is a very serious issue for us.

“He is biased... He is not impartial...and he is reckless in terms of the use of his powers,” Seales advised his membership.

He also again insisted that the police had nothing to do with the events of March 23, 2015. “The Joint Select Committee also said the same thing,” he reiterated.

“We are not a public body but we still, in the spirit of cooperation, provided all the documents,” Seales said.

He added that even if government fails to take action, they intend to write to the President seeking to have West’s appointment revoked.

Gonzales, in ruling on a no-case submission advanced by Carty’s attorneys, held that the PSWA was not a public body which could be called on to provide documents.

She further held that there was no evidence against the association’s trustee.

Speaking after the magistrate’s decision, Carty said the PCA’s director should have been more circumspect in bringing the charges.

“There was not one scintilla of evidence to justify the charges brought against me,” he said, adding that West had impugned his own competence, integrity and ability to sit as the director of the PCA.

“His latest blunder was deeming the Police Service a ‘gang,’” Carty said.
Since 2010 this blog has expressed the view that the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is "the largest organized criminal enterprise in Trinidad and Tobago" and we have stated so with good reason.

Today, the Chairman of Police Complaints Authority, Mr. David West, is being crucified by Police Social Welfare Association President Inspector Michael Seales for expressing a similar view. Seales is outraged by the PCA Chairman's description of the service as a gang

It is said that nothing offends like the truth, and maybe that explains Seales' rabid foaming at the mouth and his obsession with having the PCA chairman removed at all costs.

But Mr. Seales' poisonous ire fools no one except maybe the membership he represents, and we suspect that even they recognize that his anger is self serving, self righteous, hypocritical, misguided and most of all dangerous.

Seales persists in the myth that there are are good,clean, honest, hard-working and dedicated officers in the Trinidad and Tobago Police service who should not be daubed with the broad brush of criminality used by the PCA Chairman to paint the entire Service.

That is the same flawed logic that is used to defend the people of Laventille from accusations of criminality that lump the entire Hill into one lawless cesspool on the grounds that the Laventille criminal element comprises only a small percentage of the overall community.

Well, we dismiss that myth about the TTPS just as we dismiss the Laventille nonsense. It is the supposedly good, law-abiding but silent Laventille majority who shield, protect, and provide alibis for their criminally disposed kith and kin when they commit crime and police come looking for them. It is that same law abiding majority that hide looted items and conceal weapons for their law breaking loved ones.

When last did a Laventille resident squeal to the police on his/her neighbour, parent, child or sibling? Instead we get a lot of"




and the classic


The same can be applied to the TTPS because nine out of ten times those "good,clean, honest, hard-working and dedicated" officers of the TTPS are present when their law-breaking colleagues are busy assaulting, battering and shooting unarmed civilians when not otherwise flouting the Law with impunity by fabricating/planting evidence against innocent persons, extorting money and demanding ransoms while providing protection to fraudsters, gangsters, drug dealers, gun runners and merchants of flesh.

Yet these supposedly "good,clean, honest, hard-working and dedicated" officers remain silent when the criminal acts are being committed by their law-breaking colleagues; they do not intervene to stop the beatings and the shootings or whatever illegality they may be witnessing the way they would normally intervene to stop the ordinary civilian whom they see committing a crime.

Not only that, but they maintain their silence when complaints are made against the rogue officers, standing by them out of some sick, misguided sense of loyalty and camaraderie. In court they would perjure themselves, perverting the course of justice to protect their brother officers, unmindful and uncaring of the further injury they inflict on the victim who has already been wronged by police actions.

The Professional Standards Bureau was set up by former commissioner Canadian Dwayne Gibbs and his Canadian deputy Jack Ewatski to deal with criminal cops. The entire country knows that the Police Social and Welfare Association never supported the two foreigners and did their best to get rid of them.

By its declaration of war against the PCA and Seales' "decree" to police officers to not cooperate with PCA investigators thereby effectively frustrating the Authority in the exercise of its constitutional mandate to "independently investigate complaints against police officers involved in criminal offenses, police corruption and serious police misconduct", the Police Social and Welfare Association through this self-righteous Inspector has set itself up as the Great Defender and Protector of Police misconduct and Police criminality.

Need we wonder why?

Law abiding Laventille people and honest police officers my ass!!!


  1. Priest: Root out rogues in Police Service

    Published: Sunday, January 8, 2017

    Following a year which saw record numbers of police officers being charged with crimes, a religious leader yesterday called upon police to root out all corrupt members from within its ranks in an effort to restore the public’s trust and confidence in the Police Service.

    Monsignor Christian Pereira made the call while delivering the sermon at T&T Police Service (TTPS) annual inter-faith service held at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, in Port-of-Spain, yesterday.

    “While you are busy and exhausted as you are looking for criminals, corruption and lawlessness, it is right within your midst and is festering,” Pereira said.

    Pereira quoted verses from Lord Kitchener’s Jericho and King Austin’s Who Will Guard The Guards to illustrate the point that the public’s perception of the TTPS had been waning since the 1970’s due to the conduct of some of its members.

    “Your behaviours and attitudes cannot become like those who you are protecting us from,” he said, as he appealed to police officers in the congregation to help rekindle the public’s trust and confidence in the TTPS.

    Pereira referenced the story of Judas’ betrayal of Jesus and his subsequent suicide, as he called upon corrupt officers to repent and change their ways even if their activities go unnoticed by their superiors.

    “You may get away but you cannot think you would escape the watchful eye of the Almighty,” he said.

    While he acknowledged that honest police officers may be demoralised by their corrupt colleagues, Pereira encouraged those present to be resolute in their bid to reduce crime in T&T.

    “Find an avenue to cultivate a new hope for the people of T&T,” he said.

    According to statistics released by the TTPS last November, 150 officers, varying in rank from constable to Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), had been suspended by the TTPS after being charged with criminal offences over the past four years.

    The offences which the officers are accused include murder, misbehaviour in public office, perverting the course of public justice, sedition, assault and driving under the influence of alcohol.

    Speaking after two officers were arrested for using a marked police vehicle to rob a Chinese businessman in Claxton Bay in November, acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams assured citizens that the TTPS was continually working on removing rogue members, whose activities tarnish the reputation of the organisation.

    “I want to give the public the assurance that the TTPS is staffed with a majority of officers who are honest, law-abiding and committed to fulfilling their obligations and oath in the noble profession of policing.

    In an interview with this newspaper late last year, Police Complaints Authority (PCA) director David West revealed that between 2014 and 2015, his organisation received 362 complaints made against police officers and 367 between 2015 and this year, a marginal increase.

    West said: “For public confidence to be restored, it’s for the public to see the alleged offenders, if when tried and if found guilty, they are swiftly removed from the service.” He also suggested stronger criteria for recruiting officers and psychometric testing for new recruits.

    Yesterday’s service was supposed to be followed by a parade through the streets of Port-of-Spain to the Police Administration Building on Sackville Street, however, the street procession was cancelled due to heavy rainfall.

    1. Thank you, LadyBird, but that Trinidad Guardian news report missed out the part where Monsignor Perreira also urged police officers to be "their brothers' keepers, to be their protectors and supporters".

      Playing Devil's Advocate here, but how do you interpret those exhortations in the context of the criminality that finds sanctuary within the Police Service?

      Sounds to me like the goodly Monsignor was reminding crooked police officers in subtle language to "breaks" for one other even as they go about their duties of 'protecting' the wider public


    Ambassador Estrada noted that there had been “a big controversy when someone made a comment”, although he was right. “In any organisation you have five, ten per cent of bad actors. He was right to say that.”

    “In any organisation, if anyone says we have 100 per cent of folks doing the right thing every day, it is not the truth. There are some in the US, we see what happens. I am not saying we have a police force where everyone doing everything right 24/7. You have to face reality.”

    “If I were in charge of the police we would get results. If not, I would be the first one to fire myself if I ran the Police Service.”

  3. Seales: "He is not going to sit easy because every member of this Police Service, I now decree, will not cooperate with Mr West because it is not in your best interest".

    And this could well be the catylst for a long overdue tit for tat response to police "bad-johnism".


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