Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Threats Posed by Returning ISIS Fighters

5 Threats Posed by Returning ISIS Fighters

Tue, January 17, 2017

Islamic State Caliph Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi has reportedly given foreign fighters a choice of returning home or carrying out suicide bombings, according to a report by local media outlet Al-Sumaria News.

A source in Ninevah Province said the terrorist group had closed it’s “troops and migrants bureau” that administers foreign fighters and offered the men the chance to die as a martyr in a suicide bombing or to return to their countries of origin.

Here are five risks of what might happen if they did return:

They could carry out terrorist attacks in America and Europe
Returning fighters pose a clear national security threat. It only takes one security lapse for a returning jihadi to be able to launch a terrorist attack in their country of origin. Mehdi Nemmouche, the terrorist who murdered four people at the Brussels Jewish museum in 2014 spent time in Syria where he is believed to have been a torturer for ISIS.

They could radicalize others
Radical jihadists can spread their hateful views. German jihadis have extensive radicalization networks among the Salafi community. When fighters return, they can use their “star status” and street credibility to spread the message of the Islamic State amongst disaffected youth.

They could further divide society
Sweden has offered a package of benefits to returning jihadis as a reintegration program. The controversial initiative, being tested in the city of Lund, provides returning fighters with a path to employment, housing, education and financial support.

These measures will alienate more conservative elements who will be incensed at what they see as excessively lenient treatment. The debate around appropriate handling of the situation will be used by extremists to increase division and mistrust, thus making it easier for radicals to push their agenda.

They could stretch limited resources.
It is very expensive and time consuming to monitor and track all returning fighters and the more who return, the harder that will be. Major Western countries are operating under large budget deficits and resources and being overstretched. Having to devote considerable police time and money to following returned fighters diverts money from other vital areas.

Even if no attack takes place, this achieves one of the goals of Islamism, to slowly bleed the West out through a strategy of “death by a thousand cuts.”

They could toxify the debate about legitimate refugees
With the myriad of conflicts taking place around the globe and in the Middle East in particular, there are many legitimate refugees seeking asylum in America and in Europe. When returning fighters slip in amongst this group, it creates an atmosphere of mistrust that negatively impacts the most vulnerable – legitimate refugees from the Middle East who are trying to escape jihad and war.

Fear of jihadi fighters can prevent those people from reaching the West and escaping the clutches of groups like ISIS, which is another victory for the terrorists.

The above foreign news article of Tuesday January 17th, 2017 raises the same issues that we have expressed over time on this blog, as reproduced below, with respect to Trinidadians who traveled to the Middle East to be part of the ISIS slaughterhouse and who now wish to return home:

Sunday, 15 November 2015


There are ISIS recruiters in Trinidad and Tobago spreading ISIS's twisted, radical and violent ideology. It has had success in brainwashing some thirty or more misguided and ignorant local Muslim idiots into going to the Middle East to commit murder by beheading and other barbaric acts of slaughter in the name of religion. Not only that but they have also been brainwashed into believing that as Muslims in Trinidad and Tobago they are under religious oppression and persecution.

ISIS is a recognized threat to the entire world. The US military high conmand has sounded a warning to the Caribbean about the dangers posed by ISIS albeit from a distance.Yet Trinidad and Tobago with an established ISIS presence through locals acting as recruiters for the group, with those recruited becoming Jihadists, does not consider that a threat to the country's safety and security.

Saturday, 21 November 2015


Now Let's see if we understand this "caca-hole" named Umar Abdullah, correctly.

He is advocating that local Muslims who were brainwashed by ISIS recruiters into going to the Middle East to murder total strangers should be allowed back into Trinidad and Tobago  because they would be assets to the country by talking about their experiences which he says would deter others who may be thinking about joining ISIS.

If we were to question the nature of their collective experience we would have to conclude, based on the videos posted online by ISIS, that it was an exciting, exhilarating and fulfilling spiritual rebirth for them. In the videos I saw, there was not even a hint of remorse or regret, not even a veiled suggestion that they were anything but happy with their activities in the ISIS slaughterhouse. They appeared proud of their murderous crimes against disbelievers; they boasted about how fulfilled they were that they were able to practice their "din" in ISIS without the "restriction" they say they had in Trinidad. So motivated were they that they encouraged their Muslim brothers in Trinidad to not only become jihadists and join the ISIS bandwagon but to terrorize Trinidad and Tobago Christians in their homes and bedrooms and slaughter them to make their blood run in its streets.

Is that the Caca-Hole Abdullah's wish list for this country? Is that the experience this Muslim Shit-Head expects those radicalized morons to share with Trinidad and Tobago youth if they are allowed back into the country. We already have a disproportionate number of dunces, assholes and pieces of shit shooting up the place and killing people indiscriminately. What good can come out sharing the gory details of ISIS beheadings, immolations and other maniacal acts of barbarity and depravity with such already misguided youth?

We have no reason to believe that those who were brainwashed into accepting that the practice of Islam in Trinidad and Tobago, one of the most democratic, religiously tolerant and all embracing societies in the world, is "restricted", could not have been further brainwashed into believing that their terrorist/jihadist training and experience should now be put to use in their T&T homeland which they have already branded as being intolerant of Islam.

Thursday, 4 August 2016


We are also sure that the US officials would have expressed their lack of confidence in the ability of our intelligence gathering and surveillance agencies to efficiently monitor the clandestine activities of returning DAESH butchers on a sustained basis, given their poor track record which the Government is well aware of.

Case in point: Shane Crawford.

Crawford admits to committing a murder that was recorded on State surveillance cameras. The police arrested him and three others then released them pending further inquiries into the murder. In the meantime Crawford was charged with other offenses involving illegal arms and ammunition, yet all three were able to leave the country one by one through legal ports of departure even though they were all under law enforcement suspicion and scrutiny for very serious crimes. Crawford is today killing innocent people in the Middle East by his own admission and urging his friends in Trinidad and Tobago to do the same here.

Obviously, these agencies cannot be depended on to protect the people of this country from the evils of DAESH; they cannot even be depended on to detect blatant and brazen criminal acts committed in broad daylight under the watchful eyes of video cameras.

Of course, our Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley advised by the "decorated military expert" he has put in charge of the country's national security thinks differently, that Trinidad and Tobago is under no threat from ISIS Jihadis who try to return to these shores, and more ignorantly, that the Government has the intelligence gathering capacity to properly monitor and neutralize jihadist intentions, in perpetuity, with our severely limited and stretched to capacity resources.

We pity the Fools.