Monday, 9 January 2017

Trinidad and Tobago Police Service Dunces In Action

Looking at this slideshow, readers could easily think that the scene as depicted by cameras that caught the action live was of Grenada's "Mongoose Gang" or Haiti's "Ton Ton Macoutes" in action in the 1950s and 60s.

But those "gentlemen" are neither Mongoose Squad nor Ton Ton Macoute; they are officers of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, our finest Dunces in Grey delivering some bone-crushing blows to the head and torso of an elderly citizen whose only transgression was to call one of them an idiot.

Their shocking response as recorded here represents the type of behaviour that generates public resentment and animosity towards the Police at a time when the Service is in dire need of all the public goodwill it can muster.

This is Trinidad and Tobago 2017, developed country aspirant with attendant ambitions of having a modern, professional law enforcement agency as the "Protecting and Serving" agent of the People, yet we have these dinosaur elements abusing our rights, trampling the Constitution that prohibits that type of abuse.

And at the end of the day, these untrained and probably untrainable hooligan dunces go home to their parents, siblings, wives, children and friends proud of their criminal behaviour and the fact that they "brutalized the hell" out of a middle aged man.

Then, when in different circumstances, some some young shot-gun toting, straight shooting, Laventille punk blasts one of them into the next century in an act of karmic justice, they would be quick to appeal for assistance from the same public that they routinely brutalize. Sadly, this is all part of the PNM's brutal legacy to this nation.


  1. Shot Last Year, 0fficer Dies

    KWAME WEEKES Tuesday, January 24 2017

    DEPENDING on the results of an autopsy, a charge of attempted robbery could be upgraded to murder after Inter-Agency Task Force officer PC Mervyn Williams, who was shot in the leg five months ago, died yesterday at the Eric Williams Medical Science Complex (EW MSC) in Mt Hope.

    On Saturday, Williams never regained consciousness after his decision to take a nap after having lunch with his common-lawwife of 18 years Sharon Jackson. “He and my mom had just eaten something,” said Jackson’s son Nyron. “My head not in the best place right now, but all I remember is that after they ate together, he told my mom he was going to lie down...and that was it.” A distraught Jackson said that her husband lost consciousness and was rushed to the Chaguanas Health Centre, then to the EW MSC where it was determined he was bleeding in the brain. “They said it must have been bleeding little by little for a while now, but on Saturday something burst and everything went downhill from there. They performed emergency surgery on him to drain fluid in his brain, but after that, all his organs began to shut down,” she said.

    On August 24, 49-year-old Williams was at his Edinburgh 500, Chaguanas home with fellow police constable Adesh Mano.

    Police reported that Williams and Mano were in the driveway when three armed suspects attempted to rob them. The officers exchanged fire with the robbers and Williams was shot in his leg. The bullet pierced Williams’ left leg, passing through his scrotum and finally lodged itself in his right leg, where it remained.

    He underwent emergency surgery hours after the shooting and a second surgery in December. Since then, he had been recovering with no complications.

    It was not yet confirmed whether the gunshot wound Williams’ sustained in the robbery was connected to the bleeding in his brain, but police sources said that the slow bleeding may have been the result of Williams falling and hitting his head during the robbery last August.

    An autopsy is expected to be performed today.

    Two men, who are out on bail, were charged in relation to the armed robbery and shooting of PC Williams who served 17 years in the Police Service. He is survived by two sons and two daughters.

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